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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 1

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Jeff Costa is the only man my husband will let me strip with.


**Quick View:** I reviewed Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease workout *(See Review here: **http://tinyurl.com/2vrrjw**)*** and wasn't real thrilled with it. I wasn't in pursuit of another striptease workout until I stumbled upon **Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease** website. It's loads of fun! **Full View**: Yes, Jeff is a man and he teaches women striptease movements in a cardio workout setting. I read about his credentials - and that Carmen Electra was one of his students - and took the plunge and bought the complete four DVD set which includes Workout 1, Workout 2, the Fantasy Workout, and the Sexy Abs Workout. I am reviewing Workout 1 here. How did Jeff Costa stack up to Carmen Electra in the cardio/aerobic striptease arena? Read on to find out... **The Workout**The set is simple with a bald, fairly muscular Jeff in front who looks less like a stripper than I do. Until he starts to instruct that is. There are six sexy women begin him all in shorts and zip up jackets at first. The music is very sexy with vocal and instrumental songs throughout the 27 minutes workout. It is the perfect ambiance for getting into the stripping groove. This is a workout for beginners, not just beginning strippers but also for those who aren't used to long, heart pounding aerobic workouts. *The Warm Up * The warm up starts with a sexy song and a lot of slower paced moves. Lunges, squats, and slow pelvic rolls all take on a new meaning when done to provocative music and with the arm movements added. During the warm up, we see why everyone, including Jeff, is wearing a zip up jacket. The jackets are slowly unzipped and stripped off during this phase. You don't need to be wearing a jacket to mimic the moves but it's fun to join in and go for it if you have one nearby. Just a few minutes into the workout and we're already stripping. That's my kind of striptease! *Part One * As the music picks up, the women, now in either bikini or crop tops, really seem to get into it and the camera pans suggestively (but not offensively) toward their toned abs, shaking butts, and incredibly in shape thighs. Several of the moves in this part of the workout are squats and other moves many fitness experts incorporate into their workouts but these moves are sensual because of the way they are done and fun because Jeff is really a funny, likeable guy who knows how to strut his stuff. He has no problem getting right into it and teaching us the all important "BLT" which he explains is "two breasts, a leg and a thigh" movement which we use a lot during this phase. We also simulate taking off our shirts (we don't actually do that, not in Workout 1 anyway), and do a little pole dancing - minus the pole. The pace is FAST. Don't think because this is called "Striptease" that you will be moving slowly. This is like a hot striptease on speed. You will work up a sweat and keep moving continuously. *Part Two * Moving from the go-go style dancing to more Burlesque style, we keep on moving and are encouraged to add our own flair to the moves because, after all, this *our* striptease. The pace remains fast and the moves, while very quickly explained, can be a little tricky at first. They aren't hard, they just need to be done a few times to get the hang of them. Once you do the workout a couple times, you won't have a problem following along. *The Cool Down * In what seems to be an instant, the workout is over and we are into the cool down phase. Jeff tells us we are readying ourselves for the second in his series: Cardio Striptease Workout 2. And he is right. This workout left me wanting more. I was glad I invested in the Four DVD set because I was ready to keep shaking my booty! **My Viewpoint** All areas of the body are targeted in this workout. The butt, hips, arms, abs, thighs - they all get used and you will feel it the next day even though, while you are actually doing the workout, nothing is overly tough or hard to do, even for the beginner. This is only 27 minutes long so advanced exercisers probably won't be satisfied with the length of time they get to work in their target heart rate zone. I recommend that anyone interested in this type of workout who is advanced enough to workout for 30-40 minutes of continuous cardio go right to Jeff's Workout 2 and skip this one. Workout 2 is longer and incorporates more stripteasing and props - and a longer cardio section. Jeff Costa won my heart and my award for best integration of striptease techniques into a cardio workout. ***4 Stars for this workout.*** If it were just a touch longer, giving the viewer another five minutes or so for cardio work, I would have given it a 5 star rating!

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Jeff Costa's Cardio Striptease Workout: Volume 1

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