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Jabra - Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset

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The Jabra BT540 had potential but didn't hold up to challenge!


I was very excited when the Electronics Manager suggested the Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset BT530.  I had just exchanged another brand of headset that didn't do what his salesperson said it would do. I needed and was willing to pay more for a headset that I could use while driving on the freeway, in noisy areas and sometimes windy situations.  I wanted a Headset that could be used with more than one handheld device, especially my iPod Touch ( which the original one did not do).  I needed a headset that would work with vocal caller ID, incoming email and text.  I knew he did not want to disappoint me again so I followed his suggestion and purchased the device.  It came with a wonderful USB adapter that worked perfectly with my blackberry car charger, which saved me the cost of purchasing one.    The sound was fantastic.  It was easy to adjust the volume and comfortable to wear, although not having an around the ear hook was hard to get used to. It came with several different ear buds for the perfect fit.  Unfortunately after about a month after using the Jabra Extreme the sound started to crackle, I had to roll up the windows, turn down the radio and turn off the blower on the airconditioner to be able to be heard by and hear my calls. I was saddened to have to return this great device when it started deciding for me what calls I could answer and how long I wanted to talk before hanging up for me. I hope that it was a defect ( I take very good care of my electronics) and once again returned to the store.  I loved the product and was very disappointed in its durability.  Buyers.... hang on to the receipt!

Waterford, WI


Jabra - Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset

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