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JJJ Specialty Co.
JJJ Specialty Co. Octagonal Leaded Glass Window  H2 IG

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A decorative octagonal window to brighten a dark hallway


We have a sixties colonial with a typical long dark hallway running down the middle of the second floor. Only a small section at the top of the stairwell is on an outside wall, as it is adjacent to the attached garage and its roof peak. Therefore, these homes typically do not have any windows in these hallways. I decided to change that. An examination of the peaked garage roof and wall of main house indicated to me that there was enough space for a small porthole type window. I saw a window that pleased me very much -- an octagon with leaded glass. Another option was an octagon that had very plain glass but it opened. I had a contractor measure everything and advise me. He said it would be pointless to get one that opened because the roof peak would interfere with it. I went with the stationary leaded glass version. I was very thankful that the manufacturer had wood molding available. It was an optional item that added cost. I didn't care. I couldn't see me getting those miters just so. The contractor did the terrible things: cut a hole in the wall and installed the window. I added the moldings, then stained and varnished them. The result is a beautiful, decorative window that lets light into that otherwise gloomy hallway. (Glass panes include beveled glass and crackled glass -- very nice.)


Appleton, WI


JJJ Specialty Co. Octagonal Leaded Glass Window H2 IG

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