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Caution-increases appetite in direct conflict with MD treatment


This medication is the second prescription in controlling my own blood sugar.  The fact that it does help control my blood sugar is a big positive; however, it has increased my appetite two fold.  Januvia presents less side effects than some others or to a lesser degree.  I am dieting as well as exercising regularly.  Best to work closely with your doctor on finding the right combination for controlling your diabetes.   Depending upon your prescription plan (and assuming you have one), this is less expensive than some.


Ridge Spring, SC


Never again


When my blood sugars starting going up and causing more problems last year my doctor thought to put me on Januvia and I said ok let's try it. Boy, was that a big mistake for me to have agreed to. I got so sick from that medicine that I dropped 30 pounds in a month and half due not eating. My doctor had to finally take me off of this medicine when I told her I couldn't handle the sickness, no appetite, nausea and the fact my blood sugars weren't coming down at all anyways. We ended up choosing a different medicine that helped for a while and we then had to take more drastic measures later on. I realize that my reaction to this medicine is not neccessarily normal and that everyone is different but for me it was a bad decision and has definitely colored my willingness to jump at trying newer medicines for my diabetes. For all those who are on this medicine and it is working, I am happy that it's working for you and I hope you continue to have good control of your blood sugars through this medicine and/or others.


Kewaskum, WI


Lower your blood sugar with Januvia.


I have struggled with high blood sugar for many years.  I have tried quite a few different medications, but my blood sugars remained high.  Januvia has been my lifesaver.  Since starting Januvia, my morning blood sugars have been 50 points lower.  It has also been easy on my stomach.  Most diabetic medicines tear my stomach up and take me weeks to get used to.  Januvia was fast acting and had no side effects.  Now the down side is the price.  It is VERY expensive if you don't have insurance.  Even if you do have insurance, some do not cover it.  Work with your insurance company, doctor, and pharmacist.  Usually there is a way to get the medicine pre-certified.  If you are uninsured, contact Merck.  Sometimes they are able to help uninsured patients get the medication at a cheaper rate.  I also found a coupon in Reader's Digest for a free 30 day supply.  It is definately a lifesaver for me!


Mechanicsburg, PA



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