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Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly Humalog Insulin

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I like Humalog because it helps me control my Diabetes better.


I like using Humalog, especially right before my meals as it helps my blood sugars to not go so high, no matter what I eat.  I use it on a sliding scale, depending on what my blood sugar is at the time I'm going to eat and kind of what I'm going to eat.  It only lasts for 2 or 3 hours after meals, and I use Lantus for my overnight control.  That way I can wake up in the morning with normal blood sugars instead of real high ones like I used to have.  I think my doctor and I have found the perfect combination to control blood sugar levels


Peru, IA


Humalog is almost like an external pancreas, but watch your time


Having this condition, Type I Diabetes, for over thirty years (I cannot believe that!), Humalog has been the best insulin I have ever injected! I like it *because *it works so fast. On the days when my morning glucose is high, I just take the normal dose (mine is 1U/15g) and delay food until my blood glucose is in the nominal range (90 - 120mg/dl) and voila! within about ten minutes I can be assured  of a lower blood gucose than 300. Of course, we do know the side effects. In my case, I can, for several minutes, consciously detect when my blood glucose runs low. I realize the usual physical symptom; perspiration. Not addressing that, on Humalog, the mental symptoms rapidly manifest. I sometimes I can get upset (internally) internal mood swings. Several minutes later with no carbohydrates, the mental aspect turns to fantasy. I usually believe I am on another planet! Once I get to that point, it is off to the hospital. I do like Humalog and respect its powerful effects. I do not have any complaints about this product. The next step is the pump or nanotechnology to manage this condition.


Rochester, NY


humalog has been a life saving for me


I am so glad I now take humalog. My blood sugar is now in better control. It use to range between 300-500 or more.  Now my range is 54-250.  Every once in a while it may go a little over but very rarely.  For years I took pills which did very little. I once told myself I would never be able to give myself a needle. nevertheless it is easy to do because bottom line is I want to live.  I take four needles a day.  I been a diabetic for about 15 years. I been on humalog for about four years.  I believe it has help my life greatly. I use to be sick alot.  I now feel very good except for little pain in my feet.  I have nerve damage.However the humalog has helped with many of my problems due to high blood sugar.  I can 't imagine my life  without humalog.  The years I lived with high blood sugar could have taken y life.  But humalog has given me a chance to live as long as my aloted life span.  I know we all have a set time to live but I wan to live as well as I can while I am alive.


Towson, MD


works well without much weight gain


I am diabetic and have found that when you are diabetic that even though pills like medformin do work for some people there are a lot of side effects that effect your life. It was that the side effects interupted my life too much and I kept getting sick so one day I went to my doctor and said I have had it with the pills give me a better alternative. I was kind of taken aback that he did not want to put me on insulin mainly because of the fact I was affraid of needles.  I am still afraid of needles, or as the medical community calls them syringes.  I will tell you that shots are not pain less. But the pain of being sick and weak caused by diabetes and by the pills offering only more complications  and unmanagable side effects.  I decided to request that we give insulin a try I have tried many insulins, the one I have found the best results and the more advantages I have I  have added more quality to my life.  Fewer sick days sometimes I can almost forget I am diabetic. Insulin has brought my blood sugars out of the 200 plus range to some days more normal than even some non-diabetics I know. Insulin has been a God send even though I am working for tighter control I know I am not purfect and Humalog works in 15 mins so I can take it just before I eat which allows me to control my food portions that can be hard when on insulin.  The older insulins had to be taken 30 mins or more before eating causing a hungry person to get out of control with the desire for food eating more and raising my blood sugars further.  What I like is I do not always have to run to the bathroom to take my insulin even before ordering lunch out . Humalog gives me the pleasure of taking it after I eat at work.  I have very few mins at work to eat so I take my lunches and can eat right at lunch rather than having to wait an hr or two before I can eat.  My work is very intense so even if I have less than 20 mins for lunch I can eat take my insulin then be back at my desk ready to do my work and be able to do my job better.   If you have diabetes and are not getting the control you want you are not a failure for needing insulin.  If you look at it this way, insulin allows you fewer problems from you highblood sugars.  It gives you the ability to have fewer complications.  Many people I know are care givers or just giving people.  I have found that with insulin and a steady eating schedule I am able to be a much healthier individual and I have found I have even lost weight and had more strength to build more musle. I would say if I had not gone on insulin I would not of been here.  And the unique way that Humalog working it fits in better to my work schedule.  And when I go on my insulin pump I will have even more control and a better life to boot.  My father was diabetic when I was born yet he was scared of needles too.  I personally believe if he had been on Humalog I would still have him with me today.  I lost my dad when he was just 53 yrs old and I was 17.  I really wish he would of tried insulin so that I would be able to share my adult life with him. I firmly believe Humalog would of given us many more years and he would of had many less heart attacks as well.  Diabetes kills family members, loved ones, and friends.  I hope many of you diabetics think is it worth me having a better quality of life and lot more time with family members and being able to be more productive at work. I leave you with this question are you worth the investment of time to talk to your doctor to see if Humalog or maybe even other insulins would be better for you.   I say you are worth the time!  I was!!!


Kansas City, MO


Humalog has finally allowed me the freedom to live normally


I have been diabetic for almost 25 years.  I have experiened all of the "new" products.  This is the first time that I have been able to have a schedule like a "normal" person.  Humalog Insulin is quick acting.  It does not have the peaks like the regular insulin does.   I take the Humalog 5 minutes prior to eating and can adjust it according to what I am going to be eating at that time.  With the typical working mothers schedule it has become next to impossible to plan a time to eat.  Anyone with children can sympathize with this thought. The best laid plans.......  The second benefit that I have found with the Humalog Insulin is that you can finally take care of high blood sugars immediately.  When you have the occasional high blood sugar it only takes 5 minutes to start feeling the benefits of the insulin versus the 30 - 45 minutes that it previously took.  And because of this quicker time frame, you can be alot more accurate.  Rather than guessing and ending up on the pendulum you can do it in smaller amounts and get it right. 


Independence, MO


Humalog is a great option for treating type1 diabetes.


My  eight year old son has been a type1 diabetic for 3 and a half years and we have used two different fast acting insulin.  We have used both humalog and humalin.  To us they really have been the same, we could not really tell the difference in the two insulin.  My son uses an insulin pump to receive his insulin.  We have been very happy with the life of the insulin in the cartridges that we fill to put in his pump.  We keep the unused insulin in the refrigerator and it is usually good for up to 12 months.  After we open a vial of the humalog it is only good for 30 days.  We found we were throwing away almost half of a vial every months when he was on shot therapy because he was so little and only needed a little bit of insulin everyday.  It would have been nice if they had smaller vials so that we weren't waisting so much.  being on the pump and with him being bigger now we use up an entire vial in about 3 weeks so it is not an issue anymore.


Winchester, CA


Eli Lilly Humalog Insulin

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