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Byetta, great for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics


My A1C went from 11 to 6 is 3 months (to be fair, the 6 was even high, because I had only been on Byetta for 2 months when I took my 2nd A1C). I have anxiety issues and the first few weeks on the 5mg were miserable. I felt sick, clammy, panicky, and anxious about 5 minutes after getting the shot, but my blood sugar was extremely stable. After the first month I went to the 10mg Byetta and had the same sick feelings for about 2 weeks. I almost stopped because the side effects were so bad. Now that my body has adjusted, I would never go back. I was newly diagnosed with type 2 and had a blood glucose of over 400 when I went to the Dr.! My blood sugar has (at it's highest) been 147 with usual readings of 90 - 105. With the Glucuphage alone that I took for a month my blood sugars were still in the 200's no matter what I ate. If this drug continues to work like it has, I think I can find having type to as more of a minor inconvenience than something that will cause any other serious problems to my health brought on by diabetes. It is expensive so I am lucky to have good health insurance, but I'm sure it saves my insurance company more than it would if they had to pay for complications from me letting my diabetes out of control.


North Branch, MN


What a lifesaver!


I had heard so many people say that this was a nasty medicine; it stops working in six months; can increase your appetite, and much more. Due to those types of reactions I was resistant to the idea at first when it was suggested that I give it a try. Since teh Januvia did not agree with me and my blood sugars were still high and climbing my doctor placed me on Lantus at night and it still wasn't helping like we needed it to. I went in for a checkup on how the Lantus was working and the doctor was going to up the dosage but I asked if I could try the Byetta instead and she said yes, that it was actually a very good medicine and might work very well for me. I left the office knowing I was going to switch to the Byetta when my Lantus pen was gone. Thankgiving day 2008 is when I started the Byetta and I have never looked back since. I went through the normal period of nausea with lack of appetite but my blood sugars were doing awesome! I have been on the Byetta now just over 4 months and although I still have some appetite issues, which I am not complaining about at all, my blood sugars are still doing quite well. I realize that this, like all medicines, is going to have different reactions for everyone , but I have done quite well on this medicine and would recommend all Type 2 diabetics at least consider it if their blood sugars are spiking a lot or just climbing with no reason at all. We all know that control is an ongoing battle and finding the right combination of medicine, food and exercise is going to be different for each one of us. I was unlucky enough to have nerve damage present in my feet when I was diagnosed and this has caused me quite a lot of pain, I would highly suggest that anyone who doesn't have this damage yet take their diabetes very serious and get as tight of a control as possible to prevent neuropathy as well as other health issues from grabbing ahold of you and making life much more miserable.


Kewaskum, WI


I've lost weight while using Byetta.


Byetta has helped me keep my diabetes under control and help me loose weight in the process. After starting Byetta I lost 10 lbs. right away and continue to loose weight gradually. This has been great for me as I fight with weight control constantly and of course that only makes my diabetes worse. I was really surprised over the weight lose as many diabetic medications have the side effect of weight gain. It's wonderful to have a drug out there that can help keep my weight down while helping my glucose control. If you have to take a drug that causes weight gain it is a wonderful medication to help counter affect this.   It comes in a easily injectible pen and uses the pen needles. This is really handy for me and saves time and cost as the pen needles are cheaper than insulin syringes. It is also convient and easy to transport.  I was skeptical at first as I'd heard so many things about it. I was happily surprised with the results. I have had better blood glucose levels while using it and would recommend it to others. It should be kept in the refridgerator and when transporting I carry it in a carrying case I received from the maker of Byetta. Any container that will keep it cool would work.   I also like the injectable pen it comes in. Doseage is a breeze! I just turn the knob and it automatically sets to the doseage. What a relief not to have to fill a syringe and make sure I am getting the right dose. It would be great for people who have eye sight problems that limits their ability to read the markings on syringes. My physician recommended Byetta to me and gave me a sample to get me started. I started out on the 5mcg. doseage and it took awhile to work up to the 10mcg dose. I take an injection of Byetta twice a day. At first I had alot of nausea and felt sick at my stomach for most of the day. I didn't want to eat and the nausea was quite noticeable to me. It was kind of like morning sickness without the vomiting. I quit taking it and had to start back again after urging from my physician. When I began using it again I stayed on the 5mcg. for a longer period of time and gradually the nausea began to be less and less. When it got barely noticeable after a period of time I went up to the 10mcg. and again I was nauseated. I stayed the course this time and gradually the nausea ceased. I don't have any nausea now at all. It does help keep my appetite in check. This has been the only side affect I've had with Byetta. It works differently than insulin and oral medications so it compliments and can be used in conjunction with insulin and oral medications. I am so glad I continued my Byetta experience and keep on using it. It has helped me tremendously and I would urge all diabetics to discuss using it with their physician. I would just urge everyone to not give up if you get the nausea. It will go away and you will be glad you continued.


New London, MO


Kept me from having to use insulin


Byetta has been a life saver for me. I tried diet and pill for my diabetes,but it did not seem to work. My Doctor told me of a injection i could take  along with my pills that would help control my sugar. I t worked immediatly. One of the side affects actully turen in to a benifit to me. It can cause a loss of appitite. This medication is very effective


Franklin, VA


Byetta is helping me lose wieght


When I was at the doctors and she told me we were going to have to do something else to help my glocose numbers, I was really upset because I knew that meant insulin.  My doctor brought in these office samples of Byetta.  She explained how to use them and gave me a DVD also. I was a little afraid at first.  It ended up being really easy. You use the pen before you eat, make sure you eat within 1 hour of taken the shot, you will get sick, and continue with what you have been doing.   I have lost 20 pounds in the past 3 weeks, and my glocose test are back in normal range. If I did not have this, I don't know what would have happened. I any feel better now that my glocose is down.For more information, ask your doctor about.  Usually the doctors offices have sample pens which have 60 doses in them.  You normally take it twice a day, so each pen will last for roughly a month.  Give it a try, you have nothing to lose except weight and high glucose numbers.




helps keep diabetes under control but sometimes inconvienent


My husband was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago.  He has been on Byetta a couple of years now. He uses in combination with another diabetes medication and the combination has kept his diabetes under control. Intially, he had a little weight loss which was a very good thing, however, that was a very temporary situation. I understand many people do lose weight and keep it off on this medication.  The fact that it is a medication that is injected makes it somewhat inconvenient, especially when traveling.  It is also inconvenient that it must be refrigerated.  The medication does work well though and that is what is so important.  It is relatively painless, however, he does get some occasional brusing.  His doctor also recommended he takes the shot about ten minutes before he eats and sometimes he forgets to take it until after he eats but it hasn't seemed cause any adverse problems. 


Angier, NC



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