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Metformin Oral Diabetes Medicine

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Prescribed often but never helped my blood sugar


Being diagnosed as a new type 2 diabetic a couple of years ago was devastating. The doctor has prescribed the catch all drug Metformin starting out at 500mg a day to finally 2500mg a day and it never helped my blood sugar stabilize. This medicine made food taste weird, it was not helpful for my diabetic management. I felt like if anything it was a placebo. Trying to explain this to the medical community was really a joke. They are so hard pressed to prescribe Metformin and only added more pills with the highest dosage. I realize this might be one incident or I might be atypical but I do think there is  alot of flourishment with this medicine and some people like me might want to explore other options. I no longer take metformin, I have, however, incorporated Lantus insulin glargine which has been extremely effective. I don't like injecting it, however, oral medications have not rendered any results in my case.



Metformin - a great drug for diabetes and PCOS


I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was eighteen years old, and with type II diabetes when I was around twenty-two. I was put on metformin with the diabetes diagnosis and have been on the drug for around 10 years. I have since lost a lot of weight and my type II diabetes diagnosis has become much more of a borderline/almost non-existent case, but I still take the metformin for my PCOS and expect to continue to do so for a long time. I take metformin twice a day. It's not much hassle to take and I don't have any side effects. Like most people, when I first started metformin I had some pretty unpleasant digestive side effects. Basically, I had to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes for the first week or so. However, once my body adjusted to the drug, I became regular again and have not suffered any more digestive problems at all. With metformin, my A1C levels are always around 5, which is really good - well within the normal range. Metformin also helps with my PCOS symptoms; on it, my periods are more regular and my androgen levels are more normal. Metformin combined with fertility drugs helped me to become pregnant and have a healthy baby girl. I will always be grateful for this effective and useful drug.

Mundelein, IL


Bad For NEW Diabetics


When I first  became a diabetic I was going thru different medicine. They perscribed me to take this. Within 2 hours of me taking the dose I had diarriah like never before. I also started sweating and having chest pain. I was rushed to the hospital. While there they ran tests because the metformin had stopped my heart. They considered it a adverse reaction because nowhere on record did it show that I had a heart murmur. If your a new diabetic you need to be aware of all of the side affects that a oral diabetic medicine can give to you. Since I had diarriah really bad from the medicine it dehydrated me. It thru me into DKA and I was in the hospital for over a week. From two pills. You also arent suppose to drink caffeine and at the time none of these warnings were put on the label for me. I called the pharmacy and had a fit with them. They took me off of this immediately. I wouldnt reccomend any oral pill at first for a new diabetic. I would recommend the shots. Thru trial and error I have been on every pill they had. THey ended up giving me the shots that got me under control 

Buffalo, NY


Metformin controls the insulin resistance from my PCOS well.


I am a 31 year-old woman suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. For those of you who aren't aware of this awful disease, it causes problems with Insulin overproduction and resistance that can result in infertility, diabetes and heart disease. In recent years, doctors have begun using Metformin to manage insulin resistance in PCOS. I have been taking 2,000mg per day for several years, now. While I did have some problems with diarrhea in the beginning, (switching to the extended release version relieved this), I have found this medication to be very effective. Since taking it, I have lost some weight, my energy has increased and without the detriment to my reproductive system that excess insulin causes, my menstrual cycle has returned to normal. I cannot say enough good things about this product for the treatment of PCOS. I would highly recommend it to anyone going through what I've gone through.

Lebanon, MO


It is great,it has helped me alot.


I wanted to let people know about Metformin. I was diagnosed with Diabeties in Febuary, my blood sugar was 158,and my A1C levels were 7.3. Within 2 months they came down ,blood sugar was 115,A1C levels were6.2. I also lost 20 pounds.

Weatherford, TX




I have taken it for 3 years, along with Glipizide. I took Janumet for a few months this year, but didn't like the lack of glucose control. For me, the above combo works to keep the BC down. It does make me gain weight, but if I am careful, it won't happen. I feel better on it.

Sanford, FL


Metformin Oral Diabetes Medicine

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