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Intex Saltwater System

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We have used our Salt water chlorinator for 2 summer seasons.  I love just putting salt in and not having to use chemicals.  Algae can become a problem if you don't run the chlorinator enough.  If you see it starting to grow, run the chlorinator twice a day and especially if it rains.  I would recommend the salt chlorinator to anyone that is tired of messing with chemicals. One note...if you have well water you may notice that the water will get cloudy and yellowish at first.  This is the metals in the well water.  Run your pump 24 hours cleaning the filter often . The filter will be dark and look like coffee. After a few days the water will be crystal clear.  We don't add anything else to our water except baking soda to help raise the ph. Easy, non chemical, recommended for sure.

Conroe, TX


Intex Saltwater System

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