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Battery Charger
Hitachi UC 18YGL Battery Charger

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Fast charger


I bought a set of cordless power tools from Hitachi a couple months ago, and the set came with two batteries and a charger. The charger, model UC 18YGL, does a great job of charging the batteries quickly, and it stays cool in the process. **What it is** The Hitachi UC 18YGL is a charger for a few different models of Hitachi power tool batteries. I know that it will work with at least 14-Volt and 18-Volt batteries, and possibly others. I have 18-Volt batteries, Hitachi model number BCL 1815. The Hitachi UC 18YGL works only with lithium-ion batteries, and it will only work with battery packs that have the correct shape to fit the charger. In other words, the Hitachi UC 18YGL charger will only charge Hitachi lithium-ion batteries or exact clones. This is not a universal charger. The Hitachi UC 18YGL battery charger is about eight inches long, four inches wide and 2.75 inches tall. It is remarkably lightweight, perhaps weighing a pound. Only one battery at a time can be charged by the UC 18YGL. The Hitachi UC 18YGL is in a tough black plastic case, with a standard two-prong power cord. **In use** The Hitachi UC 18YGL charger will take a battery that is completely flat and recharge if fully in 30 minutes. That is a hot steaming deal for a battery for a fairly heavy-duty cordless power tool. If the battery is only partly run down, the UC 18YGL will recharge it in just a few minutes -- excellent performance. I have used the UC 18YGL only with Hitachi BCL 1815 batteries, but it works very well with those. The only downside to the Hitachi UC 18YGL charger is the various status lights it has on its top. The lights work well enough, but their operation is explained only through puzzling pictographs and not language. Hitachi can still use the pictographs, but I would appreciate clear English explanations of what the lights are telling me. I stared at the US 18YGL for a couple of minutes before I figured out that slow and steady blinking meant the battery was charged, and that fast blinking meant that the battery is defective. I think. There's another light that indicates the battery is too hot. Or does it mean that the charger is too hot? I'm not really sure. **Summary** The Hitachi UC 18YGL is a good charger that works quickly and doesn't get hot and bothered in the process. It works perfectly with the Hitachi BCL 1815 batteries that came with my cordless power tool set. It's only problem is the enigmatic pictographs that explain the various status lights -- I still don't know for sure what some of the lights mean. I recommend the Hitachi UC 18YGL charger.


Annandale, VA


Hitachi UC 18YGL Battery Charger

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