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Battery Charger
Black & Decker
Black & Decker Fire Storm 9.6 Volt - 18 Volt Battery Charger

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My Black&Decker battery charger is awesome


I'm not a Black & Decker fanatic, it just so happens I own alot of cordless powers tools. Most of my tools are the 18v rechargeable. The batteries are interchangeable between the sixteen differnt power tools that I have including a trimmer/edger,hedge trimmers, and a blower. Now with each tool came one or two batteries and a charger. Unfortunately these chargers only had one led that stayed on constant. There was no way to tell if the battery's charge was comeplete. As time goes one batteries lose their life and not take a charge. Sometimes it was cheaper to purchase the whole tool instead of individual batteries. Now that I have the Black & Decker Fire Sorm battery charger I can tell when my batteries are fully charged. The light blinks steady while charging and stays on constant when the charge is complete. A nice thing about this on other than its ability to charge four different size batteries, its indicato also blinks rapidly to let you know if the battery is defective. Now I just have to get the rest of the toys

Cocoa, FL


Black & Decker Fire Storm 9.6 Volt - 18 Volt Battery Charger

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