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Battery Charger
Schumacher SEM-1562A Battery Charger

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A great automatic 1.5 amp battery charger maintainer


Schumacher is one of the biggest battery charger companies in the business and has years of experience.  I was recently in the market for a new charger as my old Schumacher had seen better days.I was pleasantly surprised at the changes in technology that had taken place since I last had shopped for a battery charger.  The charger is compact and comes in a rugged plastic housing as opposed to the old metal usually seen.  The charger is fully automatic and just needs to be set on 12 V or 6, whichever is needed.  The leads have quick disconnects with two sets of ends, conventional battery clamp ends and ring terminal ends for permanent mounting on a battery.  The charger works at 1.5 amp, which is enough to charge a battery but not enough to boil the fluid and create hydrogen gas, which is a fire hazard.  I needed this charger for my motorcycle and charged the battery with no problems.  Typically you remove the battery from the vehicle and attach the charger positive lead first negative lead last.  when you remove the leads the order is reversed - negative first, positive last. Then I plugged in the Schumacher battery charger into the AC outlet.  The yellow LED illuminated which confirmed the connections were right and the unit was charging.  When the battery was fully charged, the green light illuminated and the charger went into maintenance mode, that is, it would wait until the battery lost its charge and then turn itself back on and replenish it.   I just disconnected the unit and put the battery back in my motorcycle but it could be connected indefinitely on a classic car that only gets driven on Sunday. The unit has fully protected circuits, that is, if you hook up the leads backwards you will not burn it up.  A red LED illuminates and indicates you have the leads wrong or the battery is shorted.  Correct as necessary and you can continue to march. This battery charger in addition to keeping your car battery up, is ideal for your lawn tractor, ATV, or motorcycle. I am very impressed with the quality of this product.


Conyers, GA


Schumacher SEM-1562A Battery Charger

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