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HP w08 24 inch LCD Monitor

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good value monitor


the hp w2408 is a 24inch lcd monitor. its resolution is 1920x1080, which is the native resolution for maximum blu-ray and HD quality video. there are many pros about this monitor, as it is very uniform in color and light quality. it is quite bulky however, as it is not an LED monitor so it is a bit thicker than usual. The base of the monitor is very good quality. it is not cheap where the screen can wiggle. the base also allows for pivoting and swivelling. the screen can rotate 90 degrees for a portrait mode, useful for long web pages and the like. unfortunately, the color change when in portrait mode is quite unacceptable, as the colors are no longer as uniform when the screen is rotated. The screen includes HDMI, which makes it extremely ideal for connecting blu-ray players, xbox 360, and a playstation 3. the screen plays games and movies flawlessly. therefore, it can double as a video game monitor and a computer monitor.

Davis, CA


Great Monitor!


We purchased this screen for our new hp computer several years ago.  It is amazing, to say the least.  It is quite easy to connect as well.  All you need to do is plug the monitor into your computer via an HDMI cable.  It is great for videos, pictures, and whatever else you might want to do.  The control buttons are located on the lower right of the screen.  This position makes it easy to change the settings for the monitor.  The menus are also very easy to navigate.  Several features that I wish were different: this monitor is an energy hog.  If you get too close to it, you can feel heat radiating away from it.  This monitor is also very expensive.  The cost could almost out-do that of a new lower cost computer.  My bottom line: if you have enough money to pay for it, this HP monitor will exceed your expectations for a computer screen.  But be wary of the energy costs of this large monitor.

Dorsey, IL


Excellent monitor display at the store, but not at home


When made me pull the trigger is the enormous size of this screen you see at the store. It is huge and it looks extremely vivid. Although i had to pay a premium price for it, I was willing to pay for quality over quantity. However, this monster wasn't so big after a week of use. I got used to the gigantic screen quite quickly, I must say Picture-wise, it still looked pretty vivid, in fact, too bright and saturated after a while. It puts significant straints on my eyes after long periods of use, especially with reading small texts. I compared it to the cheap Dell monitors my school has in the computer labs, those are much more easier on the eyes, though not very appealing pictures. I guess that is a trade-off. I tried turning down the brightness and contrast, but it's not the same thing with the Dell's level of comfortness on the eyes. Gaming and watching movies, however, deliver a great performance. Excellent for single user viewing. Horizontal viewing angles aren't bad at all. However, the colors would get extremely washed out if looked at from the bottom up, but who would you ask? Well, that's when you sit back and lay down on the bed 6 foot away. Overall, an excellent monitor for an average user. However, if you're attracted to this monitor for its size and vivid colors. I'd recommend going for the 2010's 27" version. It's just as good, only bigger! (Speaking from speculation)

San Francisco, CA


HP w08 24 inch LCD Monitor

4.7 3