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HP MX75 17 Inch CRT Monitor

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I loved it until i got my newest monitor


I loved this monitor when i first got it. I liked the design still do it s shape is really neat in comparrison to other older designs. it has a 17" flat screen but not the graphics of newer flat screens. its anti glare elements are a nice touch as not to blind me or distort the picture in light. it still works very well today and i use it on another computer as a back up to my main computer. it has a built in microphone that works really well. it pics up sound better than the external microphone that i was using previously. this has a drawback in that it is the heaviest monitor that i have ever owned. It is very sturdy on its 3 legged stand and swivels easy enough. it has one contrast control and one brightness control. It starts up very quickly and hooks up easily to cameras. In conclussion I would say that this monitor as been very dependable for me though it has become obsolete. I would have recommended it to anyone in its day.

Warren, MI


an ok monitor, I just expected it to last longer.


HP Pavilion MX75 Monitor,I bought this monitor new with my computer in  about october 2002, It's the moniter that goes with the HP pavilion computer.It worked great until November 2009.  My computer crashed in June 2009 so I got the recovery disks for it and than did the recovery.  Everything was working great until about November 2009 when the monitor just stopped powering on.  The green power light just stoped turning on and the monitor stopped functioning. The monitor also has a built-in microphone at the top of it.  The microphone works good and records an ok sound quality.  The screen size was good enough for me and the color and picture definition was great.  It has buttons at the bottom that bring up a menu on screen that lets you adjust various things about the visual.  I never had to adjust anything on it but it has these options to adjust it to your preferences. It also has an adjustable stand at the bottom that is sometimes difficult to adjust.  It is for adjusting the direction in which you want the monitor to face.I would recommed this monitor, I just don't understand why it just stopped working the way it did.

Warren, MI


HP MX75 17 Inch CRT Monitor

3.5 2