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HP L1706 17 Inch LCD Monitor

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HP mass produces crappy monitors!


I am one of the fortunate few to have an HP L1706 LCD monitor at work. As in the name, the monitor has a diagonal measurement of 17", and has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024. I can proudly say that this monitor is terrible. Now, the company I work for is cheap with our department, this I know. But to force our eyes to deal with this crap, and slowly kill each of our employees through their cheapness is just appalling. These monitors have flat colors, poor adjustability, VGA only inputs, can tilt perhaps 15 degrees, and are just a poor product overall. I even have a 19" version of the same monitor, but it offers no increase in resolution, which bums me to no end. Although The monitor is fully functional, I wish it weren't, so that we could get new, yet still crappy, HP monitors. HP, you should cease gouging the business market to allow the lowly entry level workers of the world to get decent products. I cannot wait to get a new monitor, and leave this crap behind. DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR, NOT EVEN OFF CRAIGSLIST.

San Diego, CA


My first LCD monitor and I love it!


As a requirement for my job I needed a 17" monitor. I would never have imagined that I would love it so much! This monitor I have never had to adjust. It is gone through alot between moving and my 2 children and still works as good as day one, not to mention I did purchase this used from someone. This monitor takes up less space then the old fashioned one I threw out. The screen never needs to be adjusted. The stand it comes on allows you to move it up or down for a physical adjustment. The menu is easy to use, especially for those that are not so technically inclined. There is an Auto Adjustment feature, You can manually adjust the settings. It tells you your current setting versus the recommended. To me, it is perfect because of the simplicity factors. Although technology is changing faster then I am upgrading. I do find this to be an affordable alternative to some of the much larger monitors. I do not think i would recommend it if you were to use it as a TV as I am unsure if it is HD.

Largo, FL


HP L1706 17 Inch LCD Monitor

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