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HP Inch LCD Monitor

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First time buying my Hewlett Packard Monitor/computer


*Im on my computer all day most of the time and i really do enjoy how easy my monitor is to clean,also the big screen is great for me to see all of what i bring up on it also. The menu buttons along with the auto button makes it also easy to use and is self explanatory when pushing the menu button first. Not real sure on price cause when i did purchase my computer i bought it all at once an am glad i did. Sure wish i could have long before now knowing how much it has came in so handy to me an so full of info. With the monitor having the on off button for it at night i turn the monitor off to be sure my monitor lasts me along time. It also saves on money too. *   *         The HP monitor also has tilt screen, so if your tall or short this makes it a real nice feautre to have when you need it. With speakers built in made it a really nice monitor to have,no separate speakers to buy was really nice.*

Wichita, KS


HP Inch LCD Monitor

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