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HP 2159 LCD Monitor

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A very nice monitor


On the outside, this monitor is very stylish. The image quality is awesome. The image quality is crystal clear, bright and vivid. I could feel the images pop out when looking at it. The monitor screen is very reflective, it's almost like looking at a mirror when the picture background is black.  I really like the connection options on this monitor. You could connect your computer to this monitor via vga, dvi, or hdmi. I connect mine using a hdmi cable. The image quality is awesome. Also, the monitor comes with built-in speakers. By connecting with the hdmi cable, I get image and sound all at once from the monitor. If you connect using a vga or dvi cable, you have to connect it with another audio cable to the monitor. If you want sound coming through external speakers, then this is not your concern. The vga and dvi cables are included in the package. You have to get your own hdmi cable. I have 2 desktops at home. I connect one of them to this monitor via the hdmi port and the other one via the vga port. That means my two desktops can share this monitor. However, the monitor can only display image from one computer at a time. It's still good news, because I don't have to buy another monitor for my other desktop.

New York, NY




I just got this monitor for my birthday from my son and i love it.  It was so easy to hook up and it tells you the best quality resolution and changes it for you.  the stand is wonderful how it unfolds so nicely and you can fold it back and carry it like a handle.  The power button is lit and under the screen with easy access to your menu not like those little buttons on my dell. For the price of 2ll it is so awesome the screen is huge and makes things so bigger and clearer.  this thing makes my dell monitor look like a baby screen.  The dell was doing some strange stuff flickery on and off so i wanted a hp.  Hp products seem to always work better than others and so effortlessly.

Coldwater, MI


HP 2159 LCD Monitor

4.5 2