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Grande Communications

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I am very pleased with Grande!


I have been with Grande for over 10 years and have been extremly pleased with everything. We originally had TV, Internet and phone and just recently dropped the phone service (no more telemarketers!). I have no complaints concerning customer service. They have allways treated me with respect and have solved any issues quickly and to my upmost satisfaction. When dropping the phone service, we added TIVO. We love our TIVO and don't know how we got along without it. Recording our favorite shows is easy peasy! We had a couple of issues in the past regarding our internet connection and they were expedious in coming out to resolve our problem.



Worst customer service


This company has the worst customer service. Customer representatives are very rude and do not help customers at all. My every single experience with Grande has been horrible. I NEVER want to deal with this company again!!!!!!!!

Arlington, TX


Better than Time Warner or Road Runner


I like Grande because they are local.  We dropped SWB when we got rid of our land line.  We tried Time Warner and they did a really crappy job of installing the hardware on the side o the house.  I had had Road Runnner in an apartment in town and constantly lost service.  Grande was a little expensive at first $45/month for 3 kbps.  Now we pay $39/month for 8 kbps.  I can't think of a time we ever lost service.  They are nice to talk with in customer service.  And they are based in Austin, I think.

Austin, TX


Grande Communications

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