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GlacierDave Timberline - Thermalite Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat 2 1/2"

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Great Product 3 stars


3.5 Stars for the GlacierDave Timberline - Thermalite Self-Inflating GlacierDave Timberline - Thermalite Self-Inflating pad is a wonderful product for those who prefer tent camping. It is lightweight, fairly comfortable, and easy to store or travel with. This product is a great way to stay comfortable while sleeping on the ground. However, I would personally recommend using two pads instead of one, especially if you are to sleep on rough terrain. Easy to roll up tightly, the GlacierDave mat can fit into tight spaces of your closet for storage. It is also very durable and of high quality. Beware to keep out of reach of your pets. It they are to dig their claws into the pad it will not self inflate. This will affect the comfort of the mat, as there will be no air in it. Because of the GlacierDave mat being super light, it's great for backpacking trips. Easy to strap onto you pack, it's like it's not even there. Now the reason I gave it a 3.5 stars is because this mat takes a while to inflate and deflate. Yes it works wonderfully, but it is just time consuming to deflate the mat and to re-roll it up. For a cheaper option that work just as well, go to an army surplus store or any similar store for a foam mat. These work great for the occasional camper and are just as comfortable. They will work the same but will be missing the quality and durability the GlacierDave mats bring to the table. All in all, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves the great outdoors and sleeping on the ground.



GlacierDave self-inflating mat nice addition to camping supplies


I am a a part-time hiker/camper so I need something that is easy to carry and stores easily, I am also into comfort so the GlacierDave Timberline - Thermalite Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat 2 1/2 sounded like a good fit.  I bought one and gave it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.  It was easy to carry and inflated nicely and in a short amount of time. The 2 1/2 inches turned out to be a nice thickness for comfort. It took me a couple of minutes but when I got my act together, I had no problem deflating it and getting it back into the sack.  I especially like the Velcro straps.  Wish I could find one a little larger to keep at home for when I have company -- I will have to keep watching to see if something like that comes up.  I would definitely recommend this product.

Gresham, OR


GlacierDave Timberline - Thermalite Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat 2 1/2"

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