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GNC Melatonin 1

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An absolute must for kids with ADHD!


I was hesitant to try the Melatonin when my friend suggested it to me.  I don't like to give my child anything I'm not 100% familiar with and sure about.  Sure, I had taken Melatonin myself but that isn't the same.  This is my child we are talking about! My son's pediatrician and his behavioral pediatrician both informed me it would be fine to give the GNC Melatonin 1 mg tablet to my son at bedtime.  It helped so much.  With ADHD, he just can't settle down and fall asleep. I used to try everything.  I would rock my son, sing to him, read books, give him warm baths with lavender and everything I had ever heard of being recommended for getting kids to sleep.  I would finally lay down with him and hold him, trying to get him to be still.  Nothing worked.  He just couldn't be still and fall asleep.  We tried this every single night.   Now that we have GNC Melatonin, I just give one to my son at bedtime.  He likes the cherry flavor and doesn't fuss about taking it.  It helps him calm down and within thirty minutes, he's asleep.  

Theodore, AL


GNC Melatonin 1

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