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Flutterbye Fairy
Flutterbye Fairy Disney Fairies Magic Flying Tink


You are invited into the enchanting world of Flutterbye Tinkerbell. 

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Poor quality build


The Flutterbye Fairy Disney Fairies Magic Flying Tink started off as a great little toy for my niece, but it quickly became troublesome. The first couple of plays with this device went wonderful. The fairy would launch from the pad and spin rapidly around the room. My niece and I would put our hands under the tink and it would continue to levitate for several minutes at a time. Eventually the fairy would stop spinning and fall to the ground, which presented the first problem. After falling to the ground on to carpet several times the wings came off. I was able to put them back on, but they would constantly detach themselves from the fairy during landing and sometimes during flight. When the wings come undone during flight they become weapons because of the rotational spin of the fairy. We continued to play with the fairy for several more weeks and with each use it would stay in the air for shorter amounts of time. Eventually the fairy stopped levitating altogether. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Flutterbye Fairy Disney Fairies Magic Flying Tink because this toy lacks durabiity and a quality build.

Westchester, IL


Cool. In theory.


I was actually pretty excited when my daughter received this toy for her birthday. We had been seeing them on television commercials and they looked really cool. It was like a super girly remote control airplane, well without the remote control. As it turns out, I think it would be better if there was a remote to control it. When we first took it out, it took some rereading of the instructions to figure out all the toggle switches. There are a few that need to be set correctly in order for it to charge and then later fly. Sadly, we didn't get it right at first and it took me a minute to figure out why. Once we finally got the fairy all charged and ready, flying was another fiasco. Steering is difficult for adults. For small, preschool aged children, it's practically impossible. You have to be able to keep your hand under it and I swear it's really harder than it sounds. Also, if there's a way to steer side to side I couldn't master it. It seemed as if up and down was the only thing that could be controlled, though not easily. This meant it was colliding with people and furniture. While comical to watch, not really a lot of fun for the screaming girls hoping not to get the fairy stuck in their hair. After the failed maiden voyage, we never got thir fairy working again. I'm not sure if I somehow screwed up the battery or what, but I couldn't seem to get it to charge fully for my daughter to play with again. Overall I think this was a cool toy, in theory. In practice however it left a lot to be desired.

Southfield, MI


Flutterbye Fairy Disney Fairies Magic Flying Tink

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