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Fisherman's Factory Outlet

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Coulda got a 5 w/o attitude


Manager A. Has a bad attitude. She sets the entire mood off. Tried to talk to her and be friendly, not happening with her. I will go back but wow.

Spirit lake IA.




when ffo-tackle adveritse a "special" the product you might have reviewed and is, indeed and excellent buy will not be offered or the price will be raised to negate the so-called 'special'. Case in point: Pflueger supreme spinning reel 53.88. % of special, gone from selection. Their latest promotion an ascending tier for discounts, the price was raised to cover the 'special'. I e-mailed them regarding this which, of course, they denied. I e-mailed them proof and they never replied. Guess the truth hurts. But if you are a careful shopper and do you homework, there are deals to be had, as some of their items can be found elsewhere, lower.

Martinez, CA


some surprising discounts can be found


FFO-Tackle is the outlet for Pure fishing.  Pure fishing owns Berkley, Abu Garcia, Penn, Stren, and a host of other brands which you will see on the FFO-Tackle page.  A lot of the products they carry are either last years or even older models or baits that have been discontinued or slow movers.  Its tough to find the current or popular items (for example a Berkley Chigger Craw) but they do occasionally pop up.  Also it brings some of the European market stuff to sell.  For example some fishing lines which they sell are in KG not the usual pounds which we are use to.  That being said its still a great price to find some serious deals on discounted items.  A few examples of deals are the Abu Revo S which is currently on the site as a refurbished model for about $60.  Its a huge savings off of the $100+ price tag which is usually the case.  I've found great deals on line specifically braid and fluoro.  You need to constantly check back to the site since the products are updated on a daily basis.  If you see something you like I would buy it since the chances of it staying around are slim.  Also every now and then they have coupons on the site for a certain percentage off which makes it even better savings.

Livermore, CA


Fish Don't care What You Paid


*Who cares if it's "last years model"?  When you can find a $150 baitcast reel for 30-40% off list price...who cares?!  When you can buy plastic bait, i.e. plastic worms, grubs, minnows, craws for dirt cheap prices, are you going to pass it up?* *Prime example on plastic baits; a ONE HUNDRED COUNT bag of Berkley Power Worms for $12.77.  You'd pay that much for two bags of a 10 count at Bass Pro Shops.* *Inventory constantly changes...check back often.  As of this writing, they are low on some items.  They offer hard baits, soft baits, rods, (fly,spinning & casting) reels, (casting, fly & spinning) etc.  The list goes on.* *Before going to Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's...check out these guys.  They are the factory outlet for Abu-Garcia, Mitchell, Berkley, Stren and more.*

Saint Louis, MO


Fisherman's Factory Outlet

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