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Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen Styling Head Elsa



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Great gift for any girl


I got this for my daughter as a gift and she was so excited. It's a fun toy and keeps her entertained. What I love about this toy is that now she doesn't have to come and try to mess up my hair. She can do whatever she wants to Elsa and Elsa will love it. lol



Sleepover staple


I have to admit the Elsa Styling Head is a really great gift for girls my younger daughter's age (she's 10). The package says it's for children younger than her but for some odd reason she wanted it. She had a different one when she was younger but this one came with a total of 14 accessories. My daughter has trouble managing her own hair and I thought it would give her an opportunity to practice. It has turned out to be the new "sleep over staple". Pretty much all her friends have a styling head and they use them for make-over contests. It has been a blast to watch. The head doesn't tilt or fall over when you are styling but it's just as easy to use one hand for stabilizing if you experience any trouble. The head of the doll is about the size of a grapefruit, smaller than most other similar styling heads. The hair is easy to manage and I didn't notice any excessive fall out or bald areas either. The hair accessories can be interchangeable from the doll to your child although, I couldn't imagine her wearing them on any regular basis. I now try to work the toy into some of the sleepover activities and have even purchased other non branded hair accessories to mix things up a little bit. Overall, it can be a source of entertainment and fun and seems to have made a great gift.



The Best Styling Head for Sale!


I bought the Disney Frozen Elsa Styling Head for my daughter for her fifth birthday. It was honestly the best gift I have ever bought her because she actually plays with it! She recently became interested in styling hair, cutting hair, coloring hair, etc. I thought this would be the perfect gift so she can practice becoming a little stylist. She was so excited when she opened it and pulled it out. The hair is very thick and doesn't fall out easily like most styling heads. It has a sturdy base, although my daughter like to sit with the head secured between her legs to keep it straight up while she's styling her hair. Elsa is her favorite character and this styling head gives her a chance to spend some time with her favorite character. I love that it comes with all of the little accessories. I highly recommend this to all of the little stylists and Frozen Elsa fans. The kids love it and have a lot of fun styling the hair and being creative.

Columbus, OH


my granddaughter loves it


I bought this Elsa styling head doll by Disney for my 4 year old granddaughter for her birthday . Prior to this she had owned a " generic " styling head that I had gotten for about $10 but it had seen better days because she had played with it so much . For about a year now she has been obsessed with anything with the " Frozen " theme so when I saw this Elsa styling doll I thought she would love it . Well , she sure does . She loves playing hairdresser because she goes with her mommy a lot to have her hair and nails done and she loves to pretend that she is a hair stylist too . THis one is so much better and sturdier than the cheapo one though of course it costs a lot more - around $25 . The truly special feature for this doll is that if you add water, her hair it will streak to a purply - bluish color . She gets a real thrill out of seeing that happen : ) She loves to braid the hair and brush it and style it with the included hair accessories , barettes and clips , etc .It even comes with a crown because she adores making her a princess - and of course she wears her own tiara when she plays hairdresser with Elsa .Brush , mirror,a few other accessories too as well as the barettes , all store neatly in a slide out compartment . This is a little expensive for what it is because there are much cheaper ones out there but if you have a child who adores Elsa, I think it is worth it to see her face as she has fun making Elsa a well-tressed princess .

Springfield, MA


Disney Frozen Styling Head Elsa

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