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Dell LCD Monitor

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at the time award winning monitor


Cnet, at the time, had this monitor as an editors' choice award.The Dell 2208 LCD Monitor is the best monitor i have used so far to date. I love them so much that i have three of them on use on a single system. I believe viewpoints named it wrong it's suppose to be dell sp2208wfp if i go according to the picture they have put up for it. With the glossy screen and high color gamut makes what is on screen pop with vibrant colors and the picture is so clear that you would think you can actually touch the icons. The Dell 2208 LCD Monitor is a tn panel so viewing angles are not that great if you look at the monitor from extreme angles. You don't really half to worry about that because most consumers won't notice that. These have a three year factory backed warranty by dell. I hope they last forever and never die on me because I don't think there is a better alternative right now and i like to have the monitors to be the same exact models.


Birmingham, AL


Dell LCD Monitor

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