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Dell 1910 LCD Monitor

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Great Monitor!


I had a Gateway 2000 (21 CRT from about 10 yrs ago) and I replaced it with the 1910 and have never looked back. Yes the screen is a little smaller but it is also wider which at first I did not love but have grown to love it. Sharp colors and the glare factor is not bad. I love that my kids say daddy that picture looks so real!  


Valley Stream, NY


Great monitor that gets the job done.


I purchased this screen after my flat on my HP Computer cracked while I was temporarily moving. I like having flat screen monitors, because they take up less space. This particular Dell flatscreen monitor gets the job done for me. Its small, yet still able to produce a great picture, and quality of screen. Its very easy to assemble, and from what I see, it seems to work well with almost any type of desktop computer. The only complaint that I have about this monitor, is that there isn't a speaker on there, so you can't hear sounds from the monitor. My last flat screen had that option even though I seldom used it, because of my speakers I have to hooked up to my desktop already. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a replacement to their monitor, or if their monitor happens to go out like mines did. Even if you are looking for an upgrade to a traditional monitor, this is a good one to purchase. The price I paid for this product wasn't bad either. Its very affordable. Overall I would rate this product a 4 stars out of 5. The fact that it doesn't have speakers are the only thing that hinder this from getting a 5 from me.


Jasper, TX


This 20" monitor is great for watching movies!


     I got this whole dell set for Christmasin 2008.  Yes I was surprised!  I love the Monitor, it is a big enough screen for me and my cat to watch movies in bed very comfortably.      I had a HP 15" and although this one does not swivel like the HP monitor did,  The screen size, quality of pictures is awesome.      I would not trade this for anything right now.  Maybe in a few years.  But I probably will get another Dell, not just for this feature, but the tower works excellent and I have never had any problems with it.        More people told me Dell stinks, and I guess everyones taste is different.  I love mine and the  nice big screen!          I am really loving all of the fearures too.  It is easy to use, and I am online a lot more than I was in the past.      I can put the screen resolution bigger and it is a great bonus.  I do not miss my HP at all now.  Even the dell speakers are better than the HP ones, one of which stopped working after only two years.


Venice, FL


Dell 1910 LCD Monitor

4.7 3