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Dell 190 LCD Monitor

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I don't really recommend this to anyone.


I don't really like this monitor, but I can't complain for the price. It's very inexpensive, but at the same time it's small and the quality isn't the best. Dirt easily collects on it, which makes annoying to use at times. But it's ok for the price, just not bang-for-your buck.

Orlando, Florida


An Older but Still Good Monitor for Older Computers


Several months ago, I picked up one of these used as a replacement for an CRT monitor on an older computer that was packing it in, and I have been completely satisfied with its performance so far. Although it is an outdated monitor by current standards, if one can find one in good condition for a good price, it can be a good choice if one needs to replace or upgrade a monitor on an older desktop. Display Quality The image quality on this screen is excellent, without any lag that is noticible, given that it is hooked up to an older system, colors being off, or dead spots. Compatibility This is one area where it can fall short if one wants to use it on a newer computer. Its maximum resolution is limited to 1280x1024, which is a lot less than what newer computers are capable of, or what the latest games might need. Furthermore, it can only connect with a VGA or a DVI cable, lacking the HDMI connector found on newer systems and video cards, making it so it may require an adapter to use one one of those. Ease of Use This monitor was very easy to set up and get adjusted- just a matter of plugging it in, adjusting the resolution, and making a couple tweaks to the color to get it up and running like it should.



Dell 190 LCD Monitor

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