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Cyber Acoustics
Cyber Acoustics AC-401 Headset

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Budget Headset


Since my other higher quality headset broke, I have resorted to use this one. For the price, it's okay, nothing special. The comfort level of this headset is not very good. My ears hurt after wearing these after a couple hours. Also if you have hair, it can get stuck inside the adjustable headband, which hurts....a lot. The sound quality is decent. I game a lot and I wouldn't recommend this for gaming. This headset is for people who will use it for Skype chat or something along these lines. The volume of this headset starts to get crackly when set at a high volume. The microphone is attached quite poorly and vulnerable to breaking. The swivel that the microphone is attached on broke very easily and once it breaks it is quite annoying. My solution to this was to just super glue it and now it's stuck and not adjustable. The foam piece that is on top of the microphone comes off pretty easily as well. Overall I would probably recommend the this only to recreational users.

Sterling, VA


Its decent for the price


what the AC-401 was designed to do. DNCT is designed to reduce the amount of ambient noise captured by the  to give clearer recordings. It has one obvious microphone, adjustable headband, padded , in-line volume control microphone and a swiveling, flexible mic boom. Since the AC-401 has only one obvious mi. The mic is specalized in backround noise reduction and it sure does deliver. Some cons are that you have to get used to the fit. it feels uncorforitable because of the tightness. The earpad is not very thick so it hurts the ears. The plastic also rubs against the top of the head and can hurt. Once you take off the headset you can feel your ears are hot. Another con is that it has no volume control availble on the mic. You have to go into the options yourself and do it witch can be annoying if you are busy at the time or playing a game. The headset has no problems when it comes to connecting to computers and it is decent quality bass.   I give this a 7/10

Lake Mary, FL


Cyber Acoustics headset is awesome


I requested the cyber acoustics AC-401 headset a few weeks ago as a gift from my sister because I conduct a lot of my work online and I was in need of one. This headset is awesome, I simply plug it into my computer and it takes over!!!! The sound comes in loud and really clear and I don't have to scream to be heard which is the problem I had with my older one. It is really comfortable and lightwieght, the earphones are large enough that it covers my whole ears, it is also crazy soft which I love because I wear this headset for hours at a time. the flexible microphone option is perfect for when I need a drink or a tiny break. This Cyber Acoustics headset is made great, It wasn't expensive at all and does the job it was made to do........I would recommend to anyone in need of one, I have only been using it for a few weeks now but I really like it, I have nothing to complain about. It is very convenient too

Latonia, KY


Cyber Acoustics AC-401 Headset

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