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Chicco You & Me Deluxe Infant Carrier

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Chicco Crotch Dangler


Now before you just pass up my review- please read... This style carrier (many manufactures make them) are not good for your baby. They are what we call crotch danglers. You child is being supported by their crotch. Their legs are hanging down. Causes pressure on their lower spine, causes legs to become numb, feel weak, and even tingle. The carriers are not good for you- or your baby. In order for them to correctly work the fabric should be supporting your child's bottom in a sitting position (a proper carrier that does this is an ERGO). There are many kinds of good carriers out there- you may spend a bit more- but the fact that it is so much more comfortable for you and your child it will be worth it. Also facing forward on your chest.... is just adding that much more pressure to your child. If you don't believe how bad they are- look it up. It is the same idea as a harness holding a worker 200 ft in the air- if they fall they have to be taken down asap or they develop blood clots in their legs from dangling.

Elk Creek, NE


comfy and easy to use


This chicco carrier is a great deal and is so comfortable. It was hard to pick a carrier because everyone always says to get the baby bjorn, which I wasn't going to get because it was WELL out of our price range. I also didn't want to get a cheap one because I worried it would hurt my back after using it too long. This was a good compromise because the price was in the middle. The material is so soft and it is very easy to put on. It is also very easy to get the baby out of. When my baby was 2 months old it was hard to get stuff done around the house, and this made it much easier. I could vacuum and do dishes with the baby right on my chest! She would often times fall asleep! There was plenty of leg room for the baby (even with chubby thighs) and everything was adjustable so as she grew , I just adjusted the straps so that she fit in it correctly. I never even lugged in her infant seat when I had to go shopping-- I just brought this with me! Easy to use, comfortable and an afordable price!

Manchester, CT


A confusing but competent carrier.


As an active couple, my wife and I wanted an option to carry our baby instead of always pushing her around in a stroller. The Chicco version seemed very adequate and that's how I'd describe it. The safety and security of the carrier are not an issue and I never feel that my daughter is not okay while she is in it. The material is strong and feels like quality stuff while still being soft and flexible. While wearing the pack, I didn't notice any discomfort and there were no places that straps were digging into me or my baby. There are, however, a lot of straps to figure out. My wife and I have both put it on alone but it is a lot easier with a partner. It takes some time to really figure out exactly what every strap does and how it works but once you get everything done up it's very secure. There is room for baby's head to move around and she doesn't seem to have issues with turning to look at what she wants. I was initially concerned that her legs might lose circulation but that hasn't happened either.

Fredericksburg, VA


Makes Travel Comfy


My baby is 5 months old and I have been using the carrier for about a week. Its great for travel, for walking around. My baby also seems comfortable. It can be worn in 2 ways, facing front and back. whenever my baby dozes off, I switch her to facing me and she sleeps well. There are some disadvantages I faced. The carrier comes a little low for 1-3 months setting it itself. Though my baby is  5months, I am using the same setting and I still find it a little low for me. Also, the head rest folds when the baby is in the front facing position. The flap is supposed to tie to a button. But is the button is a little big and the hole is too small. So, putting the button into the hole is a big hassle. It always takes a couple of minutes. It has a great support for our back. If its worn correctly, it supports the babys weight well. Why I say correctly is that I had worn it wrong and had some back discomfort. Its a great help when travelling around. I would definitely recommend it.

Santa Clara, CA


Greaet for Travel


We received this product as a gift and have been very pleased with it. Fabric is great quality. Nice and soft yet easy to clean and not scratchy or irritating to the babys skin. It has a great little liner insert for spit up that can be removed and washed as needed. Something that i did not realize came with it and was happy to find and put to good use.  We used this carrier both with the baby inwards and then front facing. She did well in both positions. This product was most helpful for us when travling by air. Having it in the busy airports was much more flexible than the stroller and allowed her to sleep and feel close and secure amist the busy rush of people around us. We also found it helpful for exercising as we walked especially with hills. Must easier and user friendly in those type walks vs stroller.  The one negative i found was that they rest somewhat higher than I expected - but most likely it's for our own good and back support. Just looks funny if you are a taller individual.

Reading, PA


very comfy, can use anywhere, anytime.


I bought this product because the first front carrier I had was very uncomfortable for me, but my daugther loved being out in the carrier. So I looked and looked and I found the chicco you and me deluxe carrier and its great. I have woren it for hours and my back or shoulder never hurt and at the moment she is close to 16 pounds.

West Mifflin, PA


Chicco You & Me Deluxe Infant Carrier

3.7 6