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Charleston Strolls Walking Tours

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Charleston comes alive!


**Charleston Strolls walking tours really enhance a great vacation**Since 1979, this tour company has provided small groups with an expert local guide.  I was under the care of an historian who had lived in Charleston for 40 years.  She was in the process of writing a series of books about the city's many lovely cemeteries.  What a wealth of information!  From the moment we departed my hotel, she started telling tales of old Charleston, and pointing out neat things.  After we picked up the rest of our little group in two other hotel lobbies, off we went in earnest.   The tour was quick-paced, verbally, but the walking pace was nice - not too fast, not too slow.   There wasn't much time to take photos, or you'd miss out on hearing something fascinating.  Charleston's history is much larger than we realize - according to my guide, because "the history books were all printed up north after the War of Northern Aggression."  But she makes a good case that Charleston was as important as Boston, New York and Philadelphia in the early days of the USA.  So much happened there, and there was so much wealth in that beautiful city.  The architecture alone is worth the tour, and you really get educated as to the whys and hows of much of the downtown.   The tour also included a lot of humor, which is always fun.  You'll especially enjoy the city's beautiful gardens, churches and cemeteries:  I learned it has the most 18th century graveyards of any city in the country.  They are truly beautiful. The company also conducts tours through area plantations and gardens, but if you're only in town for a while, definitely choose the walking tour of historic downtown Charleston.     ***Libby's Hot Tip:**  This tour is too heavy for little ones;  they'll be bored out of their minds and then you'll miss out on a lot of what's being said.  Parents without a sitter might enjoy taking this tour solo, one at a time.  * **Info & Cost:**  Charleston Strolls  (843) 766-2080   $18 adults, children 7-10 are $10.  Departs 9:30 am daily, Mon-Sat, from Charleston Place Hotel, 9:40 am from Days Inn, and 10:00 am from Mills House Hotel.  This is the tour my hotel recommended and they were absolutely correct.  It's wonderful! The Bottom Line:  ***Libby Loves It!***

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Charleston Strolls Walking Tours

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