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As Seen on TV
As Seen on TV Wallet Pix Digital Photo Album

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This is a disappointing Item


I bought this since I do not have a picture phone hoping to show my co-workers pics of my family but it is not clear enough to even try to show them any of the pics. i wouldn't purchase this item again or for anyone else.It is a good idea but not worth the money.

Pine Grove Mills, PA


Super present for just about anyone!


I am really happy with this product.  It is small enough to tuck in my pocket and still holds 58 pictures.  The cover is cheap looking but I can use it for a pattern to make custom covers.  The cost including shipping was still low enough to make it a very practical gift for each of my children and their spouses.

Tipton, IN


total waste of time and money


Don't Buy It, Waste of Time and Money, NO SUPPORT.  I had no trouble connecting or downloading pics, however, the screen had a large orange ball on it that covered nearly the entire picture.  Can't take back to store, have to send it in to manufacturer (good luck with that) took me nearly two weeks to find a phone number to get a hold of them (# is no longer working) they sent me another one after about 6 phone calls to 6 different people and a month later.  It was not the same color AND it did the same darn thing!  If you go to the link they list,  it just gives you the as seen on tv ad.  You can send an email from there, which I did, have heard nothing from them....DON'T DO IT!

Ocala, FL


Who ever made dis is smart!!!!!!!!!!!!1


***One Word. "Smart".  I Have like 4 of this because when i go ut with my friends im always showing them my every day pictures. i Just bought my mom one and she has pictures of her and her friends at The Blue Bar at Spotlite 29 Casino. My bigger sister has one with her babys pictures and her husbands as well. This Key Chane if cool.***

Coachella, CA


Buy another brand. Company will not support their product.


Got it as a gift, purchased at a local store. Unit developed an orange spot on the screen after about 45 days. Company suggested returning it to local store, but local store had quit carrying it because of too many returns. Company won't replace it because we bought it from a local store and not directly from them.Pick a different brand. This one has no special features.

Lawrenceville, GA


won't connect


I bought this and the directions say that the program will launch when connected to the computer.  After 3 or 4 attempts to get it to connect, the program finally opened.  Then I had to go find the driver (by asking Windows to find it) to get that loaded, too.  After messing with this thing for over an hour or so, I finally was able to add pictures to download to the device.  When I clicked to load to the device, the program shut down and nothing was ever load.  What a waste of money!!

Lake Mary, FL


New way to show your pictures!


Walletpix is the perfect item for all us photo junkies who have loads of photos on our computers.  We love that we have so many pictures but you can't carry your computer around to share them.  You also can't afford to print them all. Taking your memory stick & paying to have them printed sort of defeats the purpose of a digital camera for people like me! Walletpix is the size of a credit card & hooks up to your computer with a USB cord that is supplied. The program pops up on the screen. You then upload your favorite photos.  You are allowed 58 photos.  You can arrange the order. You can delete certain ones & add just one or two at a later time or take them all out & start all over again.  When you are done, select to save.  When the saving process is complete, hit exit, unplug & you are through. The Walletpix comes with a case that also has a side that will hold your license & a credit card or what ever you would prefer.  There is also a built in stand on the back & an Auto Play option that you can turn off by simply holding down the on/off button for a moment. The Walletpix can be ordered at [www.walletpix.com][1] or on EBay or Amazon.  I have already purchased a couple of them. They make great gifts!  They come with the batteries included! [1]: http://www.walletpix.com/

Kingsport, TN


As Seen on TV Wallet Pix Digital Photo Album

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