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Aloe Farms
Aloe Farms Aloe Vera Juice

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I cannot go a day without this Aloe Vera juice.


This is one of the best brands of aloe vera juice that I have tried. I find the flavor pure and simple, without a ton of additives. Thankfully it is also very affordable because I have to buy it so often as it is an absolute must and staple in my everyday routine. It has given me instant relief from stomach aches and indigestion. Nothing I have tried works faster at relieving gastronial discomfort. There are also a ton of benefits to actually drinking the juice as opposed to taking Aloe Vera supplements. The oral health that it gives your mouth is just amazing. It provides superb gum health benefits. Drinking it is the best way to take it so it gets inside the mouth contact to work its magic. I used to buy just any brand of aloe Vera, any big, cheap jug that I could find. But for the last few years, I have only been using this Aloe Farms brand after coming across it in a health food store. I really enjoy the consistency of this brand, as I like to drink it straight up. In the beginning I always had to mix it with juice or some other chaser to mask the taste. Now I find that I actually crave the taste of it and find it very refreshing.



Aloe Farms aloe vera juice is great for your health


I have been drinking Aloe Farms aloe vera juice for 15 years.  My husband and I always keep a gallon of it in the refrigerator.  I like to buy the gallon size as it is more economical.  I like the consistency of Aloe Farms aloe vera better than that of some of the other brands, and their price is better.  It is really good for your digestion and your skin.  Out here in Colorado, staying hydrated isn't easy, and it doesn't take very long to start looking and feeling like a desert rat.  I'm convinced that drinking plenty of water isn't enough.  Aloe is a cactus, so it retains water and is great for hydration.  You can drink it straight or mix it with water or juice.  Be sure to drink plenty of water so it will work.

Denver, CO


Aloe Farms Aloe Vera Juice

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