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Aliph - Jawbone Icon The Thinker

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Love this Jawbone headset!


Over Christmas I bought Alipah's Jawbone Icon "The Thinker" bluetooth headset in the "Silver Wheat" color. What I love about it: - Small size. Very light weight. You don't even feel it when you're wearing the headset. - Noise cancellation technology called "Noise Assassin". The Jawbone has a small rubber button that must lay on your cheek. When you speak the vibrations let the ear piece know which noise is your voice and which is the noise around you. This piece of tech really works. I can go instead a crowded mall and the people on the other line can only hear my voice while the crowd noise around me is muffled. - Comes with (1) plastic hook and two different types of ear piece options. (3) sets of in-ear plugs and (3) sets of on-ear plugs that come with a plastic hook. I would recommend using the in-ear plugs as the on-ear plugs can easily shift from your cheek which can sometimes make" Noise Assassin" fail to work. - Small on/off switch (with different color lights to tell you when it is on & recharging/recharged etc) - A voice that reads you the phone number when someone calls. No need to look down on your cellphone especially when you're driving. - A voice that will tell you how much talk time you have remaining. - Free access online to apps you can add to your Jawbone including changing the sound of the voice that speaks the caller id out. - The design. Almost looks like jewelry. Very stylish. - Easy volume control. Just hold down button. (same button to answer phone call) - Being able to sync it to a second product (I have not done this yet) I really can't think of any cons. I've been very happy with the Jawbone Thinker thus far.


Miami, FL


The Jawbone Icon is the best bluetooth earpiece right now.


Purchased the Aliph Jawbone Icon The Thinker Bluetooth Headset back in August of 2010.  This product is hands down the best Bluetooth earpiece that I have ever used.  My first impression of the earpiece was that it was very small and cool looking.  It has a distinctive design and yet not too wacky for a grown man to be wearing.  Setup was easy and my phone, at the time it was a Nokia E71, instantly paired with the earpiece.  Since then, I've switched to an HTC Aria and pairing was simple as well.  Sound quality is awesome, voices come through nice and clear and loud.  The earpiece comes with noise assassin, which is Jawbone's proprietary design in reducing background noise, which is totally awesome; sometimes I will be driving with the windows down and the receiver has no clue that I'm on the freeway and the wind is swooshing by me at 85 miles an hour.  Especially handy when talking to important clients.  The Icon is also highly customizable with a web interface installed on your browser of choice, just hook up the earpiece with the usb adaptor provided; it allows you to change the in-ear voice alerts so that you don't have to stick to a robotic voice in your ear telling you that you only have 15 minutes talk time remaining - I customized my piece to have a sassy girl with an English accent to give me alerts.  The only negative is that the Icon lacks an external control for volume, everything is controlled by the one menu button found on the back of the device, so in order to change the volume, you must either install the software for the earpiece or use your phone's volume controls.  All in all, a very fine product and worthy of a road warrior working professional.


Alhambra, CA


Aliph - Jawbone Icon The Thinker

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