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Aliph - Jawbone Bluetooth Headset with Noise Shield Technology

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Phone can't find it


When this headset worked, the reception was clear, but it would not stay on my ear. I've since had two different phones that can't be used with this headset at all. The HTC Evo and now the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I put the headset in pairing mode and search using the Bluetooth discovery on the phone with no luck. Even the Sprint store rep could not get it to work. For the price of this headset, I expected more. Sound Quality Good clarity. Ease of Use Falls off my small ears. Does not pair with my phone. Durability I can't say much about durability, but it has held up physically and has not broken. Design This is a sleek looking headset and the no buttons or switches approach is cool. I'm giving it a 3 since I can't get it to pair.



Jawbone is very neat but loses sync with Droid


I loved the idea of the technology it incorporated and drifing 3 hrs a day on the road, I needed something reliable and consistent. When I first synched it with my Droid, it performed flawlessly. After it lost sync & I had to resync it, it kept losing sync on its own and everytime I engaged it, I would have to delete and pair it again with the Droid. It did however, work seemlessly with a Blackberry. Not sure what the issue was, may have been a compatibilty issue, but it was cheaper to replace the headset than the phone, so I stopped using it and went to a different brand headset. It did work well with the Blackberry though & kept the pairing active. Attractive product and kind of high in price but worth it when it worked.

Longs, SC


The Jawbone is the first bluetooth headset I actually use....


The clarity and sound quality of wireless headsets is my main concern. This bluetooth headset has proven to be a winner in this regard.  I have been using it for the the few months and every person I talk to does not know that I am using it vs the iPhone microphone. My only complaint is that there are enough indicator lights to tell you if it is on or off or how much battery is left.  Although the battery does seem to last quite a while, it is still a total mystery to me when it wil run out. Also they give you several ear bud options to make sure it fits right.  I never tried those options and it has been fine.

Chicago, IL


My new can't live without cell accessory!


This bluetooth headset is great.  It's my first one & I've had no trouble getting it set up & using it.  The sound on my end is super.   Everyone I've talked with hears me as well or better than when I just use the cell phone.  Despite it looking a little larger than some others, it's comfortable & I forget I'm wearing it.  After an initial difficulty with the earbuds, I've had no problems since I lost the first one (comes with 5).  It charges quickly & I don't have to charge it all the time.  I recommend it highly.  It's worth every penny (& lots of less than suggested manufacturer prices online).     

Studio City, CA


Aliph - Jawbone Bluetooth Headset with Noise Shield Technology

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