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Adora Calcium Supplement

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Adora Calcium Supplements: How I Adore Thee!


I have tried a couple of calcium supplements on the market after my doctor advised me to take calcium supplements a couple of years ago. The ones I tried were a chewy formula and I wasn't very impressed with them. I started taking the supplement in tablet form. This past month I discovered Adora Calcium Supplements. They come in a mild chocolate and a dark chocolate form. Each one is wrapped just like a candy is a shiny foil wrapper. I was very surprised by the quality and flavor of Adora Calcium Supplements. The chocolate is a premium chocolate with a delectable flavor. I'll never be searching for another calcium source either! I've found the best! Each disc contains 500 mg. of calcium and 259 IU of vitamin D and 40 mg of magnesium for better absorption. You should take two discs a day for the daily requirement to be met. This is no problem since you are also getting a little chocolate treat! You won't forget! Each disc of the milk chocolate contains 3 grams of sugar and the dark chocolate has only 2 grams of sugar. I am very impressed with this calcium supplement. A bag comes with 30 discs and has a resealable closure at the top to keep your supplements air tight. I highly recommend Adora Calcium Supplements. They are delicious!

Greenwell Springs, LA


Adora Calcium Supplement

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