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X183H b
Acer inch Monitor

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Good but not the best.


This is a good buy for a first computer due to the low price but the odd resolution brought me some troubles. For just average computing and web surfing this is fine as a monitor but beyond that it is useless. In games it tends to leave motion blur, and odd looking edges because of the pixle count. However, this monitor works fine with VGA, which is good considering that it is the only option for input. a DVI-D port would be nice but again games just look kind of, off, on this. The matte finish on the screen removes some but not all glare and tends to attract dirt and is difficult to clean without leaving streeks. But in the end this is a very good monitor for the price and gives plenty of room to have more than one window open at a time. For a work computer this is a good buy but be ready to raise it because it hase a very shory stand. I first got this a year ago and it still holds up fine.

Fair Oaks, CA


Good budget monitor but not great


This Acer monitor is a good LCD screen that strikes the balance between price and quality. It is not as good as the top-tier brands such as Sony and Samsung, but it fits the bill for someone looking for a good monitor without breaking the bank. I have it hooked up to my laptop, which provides a more comfortable viewing experience, given its larger screen size. One of the downsides is that it does not have built-in speakers, which is not all that surprising since it is a budget LCD monitor. For someone who is not nitpicky when it comes to the colors and screen resolution, this works very well. The hues are not the crispest, and the black appears to be somewhat more of a dark gray. Another drawback to this screen is the lack of a base with a swivel, that would allow for different viewing angles with relative ease. Personally, the matte finish of the monitor also gives it a less attractive appearance, but altogether, it makes for a decent display. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, I would opt for a Samsung.

Sugar Land, TX


Get a monitor stand for this monitor


It is an 18.5 inch widescreen monitor.  Acer is a great brand and the monitors seem to last a decent amount of years.  Compared to other monitors this one sits very low to the desk.  The stand is not that high.  You would definitely want a monitor stand underneath if you don't have a desk where the monitor sits higher up.  It is not adjustable for height.  It is easy to setup.  Windows automatically finds the drivers so you do not have to use the disk that comes with it.  It is very lightweight and easy to move if need be. The price is very affordable.  It is more of a rectangular shape so the images on the screen can seem somewhat stretched.  If you are used to an old crt 15" monitor than this would be a great monitor compared to what you had.  If you are looking to upgrade you old crt but you don't want to spend a lot of money than this is a good monitor.  I would recommend any Acer model for a monitor. 

Syracuse, NY


I am amazed at the quality of my Acer X183H Monitor!


After a power failure, I was forced to buy a new computer and so, I upgraded just a little.  The monitor I chose was an Acer X183H, which was definitely more streamlined due to the flat screen, it fits on my desk nicely.  I was especially amazed at the clearity of the picture, as well as how vivid the colors are.  Actually, because of my monitor, I use my computer a lot more.  And, in a lot more ways.  With my old monitor, I never really enjoyed getting online or even checking my emails.  But, now I truely enjoy these activities, as well as watching movies or even TV segments.  I am so pleased with my purchase that I wanted to write this review about it. If you are considering the purchase of an Acer X183H Monitor, I would highly recommend it!  You just can't beat the quality you get-for such a low price. I now have my computer on a battery-pack, so that any future power failures will not destroy my current set up and enjoyment.  

Las Vegas, NV


Acer Monitors are very good for the price


This is the second Acer Monitor I have owned.  The first one finally died after being in use for over five years.  I am very satisfied with the quality of this monitor.  The second one is only two months old and took some getting used to due to it being wider than my first one.  It is of good quality for the price and the Acer Monitors come in various sizes.  They have the same quality as HP for less money.

Jacksonville, FL


low cost, great picture


I have two of these monitors and have had no problems with either one. The picture is awesome and I couldn't believe how low cost they were compared to all the other monitors  on the market. The last monitor I owned, before Acer, only lasted for 11 months and of course the warranty ran out on it. I've had the Acer's now for 2 years and not one single problem. I checked around before buying and researched the internet.  I couldn't find any complaints about Acer - not one. So I thought "either I'm not looking in the right place or this must be a really good quality monitor". The salesmen had nothing but good things to sale about it also. I ended up ordering on line and had no problems there either. When I received it, it was packaged really well so I felt confident that it was protected in the whole shipping process. If you did have any problems, there is a number you can call for customer service. This is one experience that went really well for me which was nice compared to the last monitor I owned.

Churubusco, IN


Acer inch Monitor

4.2 6