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Acer V223W Widescreen LCD Monitor

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I love my new Acer V223W 22 inch monitor!


When my computer monitor burned out a month ago, I searched and searched on the internet, looking for one that was in my price range, and had the specs I wanted; large, and adjustable. I found this monitor on at least three sites, but I wound up buying it on a site I'd ordered from before. It arrived undamaged, and set up was really easy, right out of the box. It even came with an extra cable that I didn't need. I've bought electronics before that didn't have the cables or adapters or batteries, which is irritating as heck, so this was a good surprise. It has speakers as well, but I already had speakers I'd bought before, so I didn't really need this feature. It was too bright when I hooked it up, but it's easy to adjust the screen from its button controls on the bottom. The only drawback I can see is the stand is a little wobbly. I bought this screen for its size because I play pc games, and it looks really great, bright colors and fantastic graphics. So far, it has performed to my expectations. I would recommend this monitor to anyone who wants a big screen monitor at a decent price.

Rock River, WY


Acer V223W 22 inch Monitor


The great thing about the 22 inch acer monitor is that its so large.  Its clear and gets the job done.  Its pretty stlyish too.  It can usually be caught on sale.  Its sleek energy friendly.  Can hold a web camera.  Can be connected to a tv or used as a tv if you have tv on the internet.  you can watch movies on it and really enjoy it.  Overall its not too bad.

Pascagoula, MS


A glorious expanse of screen


I use this screen at work. My boss always buys Acer, or rather the computer company we buy our computers through always uses it. I've been getting bigger and bigger screens, for the past couple years, but it's hard to imagine needing a larger screen than this one (good thing too - the price jump from this 22" to the next size up is somewhat steep, so I don't see my boss going for that any time soon). This screen is so large that my coworkers have trouble figuring out if I'm at my computer or not. I could probably nap all day behind this thing, but even better than a work shielf this delightful monitor is fabulous for detailed work on photos, illustrations, even layouts. I used to go home to design personal work on a tiny 17" and cry a little. Now I have a comparable screen at home and life is sweet again. I'd have a hard time telling you what's better about Acer than any other monitor brand, but I can tell you that you will never regret having a 22" monitor.

Goshen, IN


It's like you're watching a big screen tv!


We purchased these monitors for our office for coders who have to use dual monitors.  These monitors are amazing.  The colors are very vibrant and very clear.  Each employee that see's someone with these new monitors on the floor basically beg for one for themselves.  We just placed an order for 3 more and plan on eventually replacing other monitors that we have on-site because of all of the positive comments.  Many of our coders log on to external sites for coding purposes and the images on these ACER screens are much more clear versus other monitors we have supplied them with.  The images that they view are scans of medical records, charts, doctors notes, prescriptions, etc and they cannot believe the difference in their viewing capabilities with these new monitors.  I would suggest this monitor for anyone trying to enhance their pc viewing experience.  We have even tested this monitor for movie viewings and it is phenomenal!  Great monitor!!!

Palm Coast, FL


Big, bright, awesome.


This is a great LCD monitor. I owned one for about 2 years and didn't have one dead pixel. It's very bright and of course big. It's light weight and compact and having both DVI and VGA inputs is convenient. Being wall mountable is always nice, too. This monitor isn't perfect, though, it has a few cons. I would have liked better color/brigthness adjustments; it has a number of presets but you can't customize the basics yourself. The Stand, although it tilts up and down, has no height adjustments and can't swivel left and right. Also, 16:9 is generally preferenced over 16:10 by most applications. 16:9 would also be better for watching movies, as widescreens would fill the whole screen while 16:10 leaves extra room and you don't get as big of a picture without strectching. Overall it is an awesome monitor, the cons are small enough to keep it at five star and I'm very glad I bought this. I would definitely buy from Acer again.

Grants Pass, OR


Acer monitor 23" is just what I was looking for.


***I love this Acer monitor.*** The screen is very clear. The size is great!!! It is very easy to set up. I have not had a problem with it since I bought it.  I really like it that there is one buttonthat lets  you auto program so you do not have to guess at what you are doing. The only thing I had a small problem with is the cord needs to be about a foot or two longer just in case your computer is a little futher away. All in all I would buy this again.    

Joliet, IL


Acer V223W Widescreen LCD Monitor

4.8 6