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Acer AL1717 LCD Monitor

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Good monitor.


Overall, this monitor is very great. Great resolution and I can see everything perfectly! Compared to the last monitor I owned, this is luxury and for the not so expensive price, its of very good quality! i use my computer every single day and am very satisfied !

Jupiter, FL


beautiful picture


Love this monitor.  My husband bought this for me for Christmas last year.  We've been watching  downloaded videos and even dvds (one dvd I bought wouldn't work in our tv player, so we watched on this screen -- picture is beautiful!!)  Great price, too!

Cleveland, OH


Acer is a good monitor if you dont mind replacing it


I bought my Acer monitor to replace the old CRT I was using.  I was very pleased by the picture quality, and loved it for the couple of years it lasted.  It was moved several times and received some rough handling, which it seemed to handle without any problems. then, one day, I walked into my office to find the green light blinking and no picture.  I researched it online, and determined that the flourescent backlight had gone bad.  This is a flate square flourescent bulb roughly the same size as the monitor.  As these monitors are very complicated internally, I decided replacing it was a better option than repairing it.  I'm not sure if Acer just makes disposable crap, or if I had a less than happy experience with this unit in particular, but I will never buy another Acer anything again.  On the other hand, I did get a little over than 2 years of use out of it, and it was very inexpensive, so maybe it was a bargain.

Cleveland, TN


a great moniter for the money.


*this is a great moniter. takes up very little space on my cluttered desk.  It has great resolution.  i hand quilt and use my computer to "watch" movies while i quilt.  the color is good and the picture quality is fine.* * i would recommend this moniter to everyone.*

New Martinsville, WV


Good cheap flat screen monitor.


I bought this monitor in cost-conscious mode. I looked high and low for flat and cheap, and this monitor came out way on top. Native resolution of 1280x1024, response time of 8ms, and 700:1 contrast ratio are all good for the inexpensive group, but the combination is way ahead of the competition. All the other models I looked at that were comparable in one of these qualities gave away a lot in other areas. The first one I got had a flicker which I had to work with for a few days, but once I exchanged it the new one was fine. If you are married to the idea of using the monitor's speakers- run away! They sound like those little speakers you could get for your Walkman back in the 80's.

Marietta, GA


Acer AL1717 LCD Monitor

4.4 5