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ASUS 24-Inch LCD Monitor

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Good price for a solid monitor


This Asus monitor shows the type of quality known from Asus. It has HDMI cable, along with DVI and VGA cable. It also has speakers, but usually speakers on monitor aren't good. This is no exception to that rule. It is a normal 16:9 aspect ratio, which I don't know, but are popular on these resolution. This 24" is a solid buy for anyone that wants them. The quality is amazing, and the color quality is good. However, if you're looking for exact color, then this may not be the monitor for you. However, if not, the quality is very good, and the design is very good. The black mette fits very well with most dell type desktops and isn't too thick to be annoying, if you want to use dual monitor. I recommend it for everyone.

Danville, CA


Great price for a great screen


I love this monitor. I've owned a 15, 17 ,20 and now a 24 inch. I wish I had two of these for watching movies because it is that good. Not only does it work well but the bezel has a piano finish and it looks great. The monitor supports VGA, DVI and HDMI. I use all three and can switch between the three without removing any cables...simply by pressin gthe input buttom. It is great for playing Xbox games or watching movies. Definitely buy it!! WHat I do with this monitor to give others reading this review an idea: - play games on it (xbox, PS3, and nintendo gamecube...needed an adapter for that though!)-watch movies through my computer..1080p videos look great!! -internet browsing and word processing -and last but not least games such as Star Wars or Counterstrike!! The built in speakers ar euseful for those without speakers at the moment, but definitely invest in a pair of decent ones if you plan to do gaming

San Jose, CA


ASUS VW246H Monitor has a good picture


this monitor has a very nice quality. i would recommendthis to friends of mine. I can also see myself getting one of these tv's for my own home. When using this TV i feel like its always high definition. always has a great picture. And i'm a huge fan of it. I can also see myself getting one for every room of my home. my kids would love this product. there kinda TV fanatic's its sad almost. butthey would watch TV on this AS-US Monitor all the time. I'm on-line all the time so i could hook this monitor to my computer and have a great quality picture even on my computer. I'ma man of great things. And this monitor is great. Ive tried so many other ones in the past and let me just say im glad to say there in the past. And i plan to keep them there. for anyone who is having doughts about this monitor take it from me you won't be disappointed. The first day you will love watching movies or even chatting on your computer. with this monitor.

Vernon Rockville, CT


ASUS 24-Inch LCD Monitor

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