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10 Minute Solution Target Toning

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workout OK but trainer boring


The concept is the same as all the other 10 minute solution DVDs: five workouts of ten minutes focusing on one area of the body or more. This one focuses more on thighs( with squats, lunges etc) but also arms (you will need some weights, I used 3 to 5 lbs according to the moves) with planks too. Then the buns and abs with planks and crunches. Nothing very original. It ends with a powerstretch. The DVD is not exceptionnal and especially  I do not enjoy it so much as the trainer motivation skills are not that good: "you can do it" I know you can give 8 more, it's very redundant, these are said exactly the same way all along the DVD and doesn't feel natural at all. I enjoy more Lara Hudson (more yoga and also pilates) and Jessica Smith who are very natural and very motivating. I would recommend for example:"look better naked" with both cardio and workout, "ultimate bottcamp" be ready to move with this one, and the "belly, butt and thigh blasters" coming with a loop which changes a bit the routine of other DVDs

Uncasville, CT


The best home workout DVD I've done yet.


I found this DVD at the library shortly after the birth of my first child, and it was a great help toward getting me back in pre-pregnancy shape! As one who often finds it difficult to get motivated to work out, I especially appreciated the short, yet extremely effective format of the workout setup. Even on my most hectic days, it's hard to find an good excuse to not work out for 10 minutes! And even completing just one workout is enough to get my body energized- and feeling sore for the next few days! Cindy Whitmarsh has really done a great job of selecting exercises that thoroughly work each muscle group without getting boring or focusing too much on one specific spot for too long. Throughout each segment, she talks just enough to keep you focused and in proper form without being distracting. If you're looking for fast results with limited time, or just seeking to develop a new habit, I personally think this DVD is the way to go!

Centreville, VA


10 Minute Solution Target Toning

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