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Tums Extra Strength 750 Wintergreen

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TUMS...Sometimes It Will Do The Trick.


I personally do not like TUMS, I will only use them when I do not have anything else at all to dull the burn in my gut. Even chewing the TUMS, nauseates me. It is a disgusting taste and a nasty texture. Very calky & leaves a coating in your mouth. Now, don't get me wrong, the TUMS will help for the time being...but if you're anything like me with not liking the taste and texture then I'm guessing you may feel nauseated as well. Effectiveness TUMS will sometimes get the job done. I honestly do not personally find it effective. I'd use an anti-acid pill every day when I wake up. That way you don't need to chew it or swallow something you do not like the taste or texture of. Ease of Use I do not at all find the TUMS brand easy to take. The texture and the taste of the TUMS itself is not good. The thought actually nauseates me. For the people who do not know, all you need to do is chew the tablet. There is no other way to use the tablet. Immediacy TUMS will get the job done, for a short period of time though. If that is what you are looking for then TUMS would be the right decision for you. The TUMS work as soon as you swallow them since they are already chewed.



Life saver!


Thank goodness for this product or I might not have survived the last 4 months of this pregnancy!!! The first time I've experienced heart burn and it was severely painful. This product was yummy & very effective! Effectiveness Love this product! Ease of Use Tastes good so made it very easy to use while still suffering from morning sickness.

Montgomery, TX


Its ok


Normally I just love the wintergreen flavor.  So I bought the Tums Extra Strength Wintergreen hoping that it would make it easier for me to take them.  Well the first few times it was just fine and in fact was quite refreshing.  However as I needed to take it more and more often, the taste became quite nauseating and I honestly dreaded having to take it.  The pluses of this medice are that your are getting extra calcium and if you are not taking it very often the taste reaaly is quite good.  Another plus is that it is fine to take when you are pregnant.  However, if you do have to take it quite often (especially if you are pregnant and have the pregnancy GERD) iI would recommend to definately try a different flavor and if at all possible, get one that would have multiple flavors in it.  If you have GERD as bad as I did though, eventually Tums will not be enough to help you fight the heartburn. It is a good to use though with other combinations of heartburn medicines.

Lake Villa, IL


Absolutely nauseating, not to mention the side effects.


Let me get it out of the way: Tums Extra Strength 750 works.  It will treat your heartburn.  The effective treatment length is about forty-five minutes, at which point it no longer protected against heartburn.  I do not suffer chronic heartburn or GERD, yet it still consistently failed to hold out for any length of time.  I loathe it.  The "wintergreen" flavor is like rancid Pepto-Bismol and the Tums have a bizarre crunchy texture to them that turns my stomach.  How is it that Tums is so ineffective, has such a revolting flavor, and has that indescribable awful texture to it, while generics work fine, have a better flavor, and lack the nasty texture?  Considering Tums costs a lot more, how does it stay in business?  Now for the side effects: Tums, or more accurately the active ingredient in Tums known as calcium carbonate, causes constipation.  It can be very bad for those that have accidentally had too much Tums (and considering that the heartburn wears off in under an hour, it's not hard to imagine how someone could have too many).  The sodium content is also quite high and Tums probably ought to be avoided by those who need to lower their blood pressure.

Alloway, NJ


Tums Extra Strength 750 Wintergreen

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