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Zojirushi NSZAC18 Rice Cooker

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I'm Loving It!


I have had a very good rice cooker from this brand before, and I continue to have faith in Zojirushi. I absolutely love their rice cookers! The rice is very well cooked, if the instructions are followed, the rice will not be too wet or too dry. But that can be altered; if you want moist rice, then just add water. The same goes for this rice cooker, the rice is very well cooked, and I have no complaints! This cooker is easy to use, because there are many settings that can be used, and it is very self-explanatory. I really love Zojirushi rice cookers, and this one is no exception. It's a very useful cooker, I recommend it to anyone in need of one. Performance Rice is cooked very thoroughly and consistently. Ease of Cleaning Although it could be a little easier to clean, rice can still be gotten off of the pot pretty easily Ease of Use The many buttons and settings make this machine super easy to use. Durability I have had this rice cooker for a while, and it can cook large amounts of rice. Design It is so nice looking! I really like it, it's cute too.



This rice cooker has produced great results everytime.


I've had the Zojirushi NSZAC18 rice cooker for two years now. I enjoy the fact that the rice is cooked perfectly every time, no matter how much or little I cook. The family enjoys having rice available "on demand" with the "keep warm" feature. While it's not the cheapest rice cooker available, it works so well we use ours all the time (2+ times per week) -- unlike what I see with my friends, whose rice cookers go mostly unused.The brand has several sizes in the "NeuroFuzzy" line -- I chose the larger 10 cup one for myself because I often cook for crowds and need a lot of rice. I got my daughter one of the smaller ones for her apartment.If you're in the market for a rice cooker, give this one serious consideration.

Atlanta, GA


Zojirushi is always the best!


I've always appreciated Zojirushi items - as they are known for their quality, endurance and consistency. I own a Zojirushi bread maker as well, and it's awesome. But getting back to the point, this rice cooker is awesome. It consistently produces the best rice, not too dry, not too moist. Of course, I follow the directions on the manual and use the amount of water and rice needed to create the best rice. I've owned a Cuckoo rice cooker as well, and this one always produced bad brown rice. This Zojirushi on the other hand produces soft brown rice as well as super nice white rice. I haven't used it for porridges yet, but I know that it will do that well as well. I would recommend any Zojirushi items to anyone.

Los Angeles, CA


Zojirushi NSZAC18 Rice Cooker

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