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Xyron Sticker Maker

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Lots of fun


This machine has saved me lots of time and money over the past year. I love how simple it is to use. My kids enjoy torning their artwork into fun stickers. The refills can be rather pricey. I do recommend taking up as much space as possible each time you use it in order to minimize your consumption and waste. Maje sure you firmly rub the sticker before removing plastic shield.

Houma, LA


A hidden gem


I bought a Xyron 5 inch Create-a-Sticker Machine on clearance a few months back and forgot all about it. My son had a collage project and even at 15 he was making a mess with the glue stick. I remembered the Xyron and projects have never been simpler. I can make stickers with anything...photos, magazine pictures and just about anything flat. This little machine has made scrapbooking, card making and whatever needs gluing sooooo easy. The glue cartridges aren't very expensive and they last pretty long...unless you are like me and use Xyron for everything! Xyron now has many machines for different needs. P.S. My sons projects are now neater, done faster and not so many complaints!

Rockland, MA


Great scrapbooking tool


The Xyron sticker makers are an incredible scrapbooking tool.  It completely eliminates the need for glue.  It will make anything a sticker.  Scrap of newspaper, picture, you name it, you can make it into a sticker.  Just put it thru the maching, peel off the backing, and stick.  Everything is acid free, so it's safe for memory books or just things you want to preserve.  The re-fills are very cheap, and easy to obtain.  The only problem I had with it is the re-fills are a little hard to get in right.  Other than that, it's an awesome way to eliminate the mess from scrapbooking.  I absolutely love it!

Springville, PA


I can make a sticker out of almost anything!


I bought the Xyron sticker maker for my birthday back before christmas. I love it.  I bought the 9' xyron and the small sticker maker.  I use my cricut to cut out embellishments and run them through my xyron.  I use the stickers to use on coasters I have made, as well as cards and home decor.  I have enjoyed using the xyron sticker maker instead of using mod podge.  The sticker maker is so less messy and there is really no clean up.  I want to get the magnet cartridge to make photo magnets for gifts. My son loves the fact that I cut out people with the cricut and dressed them in a star wars attire and then put them together on a composition note book.  It is his Star Wars notebook.  My daughter wants me to make her the composition pocketbook by deocrating it with stickers I make. I also bought the smaller 5' one for my sister in law for Christmas.  She uses hers for school.  She is a 3rd grade teacher and she has used the sticker maker to attach student names to their desks. 

Acworth, GA


Xyron Sticker Maker

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