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Whirlpool Gladiator GarageWorks Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Cabinet Bracket Kit (GABK362PSS)

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Want to hang a Gladiator GearBox on the wall? Get this kit!


I recently purchased three of the Whirlpool Gladiator GarageWorks Ready-To-Assemble 36" Large GearBox (GALG36KDWG) cabinets for the front of my garage. However, there is a little ledge at the bottom of the wall, so just setting the cabinet on the floor would leave a space between the back of the cabinent and the wall. Instead, I decided to hang the cabinets on the wall. However, to do so requires installing GearTrack Channels (GAWC042PPY) or GearWall Panels (GAWP082PMY) onto the garage wall AND these **Gladiator Cabinet Bracket Kits (GABK362PSS)** onto each cabinet. This bracket kit includes six pieces that attach to the pre-drilled holes in the back of the cabinet, two pieces per row with three rows on the cabinet total. These brackets are U-shaped with the top edges bent at right angles that will slide into the grooves on the GearTrack Channels or GearWall Panels (I have the channels). Two people are needed to install these: one to hold the bracket in place with the bolt from the back and one to tighten the front inside the cabinet. I installed the brackets loosely and then had somebody help me lift the cabinet up against the wall. We fit the brackets into the channel grooves and made sure they were seated properly. This was a bit difficult since several of the bracket pieces were belt. Then I tightened the bracket bolts from inside the cabinet until they were tight. Overall, it wasn't quite as easy as hoped, but the system works and the cabinets look nice hanging on the wall.

Harrison, OH


Whirlpool Gladiator GarageWorks Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Cabinet Bracket Kit (GABK362PSS)

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