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Welby Health
Welby Health Antacid Tablets

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Generic antacid tablets work just as good as Tums.


In our medicine cabinet we have a variety of generic brand products.  This is because Len's HMO send him free over the counter products, and they go for cheaper lines. This is why I am taking Welby Health Antacid Tablets.  They compare them to the active ingredient in Tums-EX.  The bottle looks identical.  It has 96 extra strength chewable tablets for heartburn relief. I don't use them for that, because I have osteoporosis, and I take 5 extra strength antacid tablets a day, to give my bones the calcium that they need.  I also take Fosamax each month to hopefully make bone. The flavor I have is assorted berries, and they are so much nicer than the other flavors.  As you chew them, sometimes they are chalky, and make me cough, but I always have a glass of water, just in case. I don't use them for heartburn, probably because I take so many of them, that I never get it. These tablets contain 250 mg. of calcium carbonate, and are for relieving sour stomach, heartburn, and acid indigestion.  The directions suggest that you chew 2 to 4 tablets as needed. I prefer to chew on antacid tablets rather than swallow those big calcium tablets. Effectiveness They give me the added calcium I need. Ease of Use Just chew them as often as needed. They are a little chalky but fine if you drink water after. Immediacy I take them long term as a calcium supplement.

New Port Richey, FL


Welby Health Antacid Tablets

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