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The Strassburg
The Strassburg Sock

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Helped with my plantar fasciitis


I have plantar fasciitis that I developed a few years ago. The first flare up was really very painful. I had trouble walking and would have awful pain, especially when I first woke up in the morning. There were a few days where I could hardly get out of bed! My doctor gave me a bunch of stretches and told me I should do them before getting out of bed or after sitting for a long time and they definitely helped. Still, when I slept I would curl my toes in and that just made things worse in the morning. I had heard about this big boot thing you can wear to keep your foot at a right angle but that sounded awful. The Strassburg Sock did the trick and was much less invasive! I would certainly not call it comfortable but it did what it needed to do and wasn't too uncomfortable. I wore it most nights for a couple weeks, and that combined with my exercises really made a difference. Now I rarely have pain so I haven't used the sock, but even though it was expensive it is worth knowing I have it if I have another flare up!

Evanston, IL


The Strassburg Sock

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