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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water

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nice and clean


I love the Cucumber Freshening Water from The Body Shop. Before I bought this product, I would just chop up pieces of cucumber and put them on my face. When I finally bought the cucumber freshening water, my face felt so clean and fresh! Absolutely in love with this product!



Cucumber water is awesome


Personally I felt it was extra mild. I used it more like a toner, prior to my moisturizer as it gets my face feeling soft and extra clean. No dry, tight feeling after application, simply glowing, refreshed skin. It is an old favourite from The Body Shop with very nice cool cucumber smell. Think of its price, regularly 5.99 bucks and even less when taking part in campaign, I would describe it as the most valuable toner I ever used. And a bottle lasts long. You can definitely explore your own way to use this great water. I sometimes pad a little after makeup to settle facial powder more down on the skin, to look natural and to give some moisture. I also plan to buy some paper masks to use the freshening water. Soak a mount of this water with a paper mask, and apply on the face for daily moisture treatment. I learned this from a beauty forum website. Since this toner is of good quality and cheap, it is the best choice for daily self treatment. It is a good way to keep skin from dryness.

Akron, OH


This toner is great!


First off, I scored a bottle of The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water on sale. This might intensify how thrilled I am with this purchase! I have not used toner before, because of my skin type. I have sensitive skin, and worried that some toners have chemicals that might damage or hurt my skin; I was afraid it would be too harsh when stripping my skin of its natural oils. When I noticed this at the Body Shop, I decided I'd give it a try, because of the store's commitment to using natural ingredients. This product did not irritate my sensitive skin at all. Instead, it left my skin feeling refreshed and soft. It smells nice too, even though I'm not that into cucumber scents. Overall, it's relaxing and gets rid of excess oil on my face. On the days I don't wear makeup, if I feel my skin is getting a little oily, I just pat my skin with a tissue made wet with the toner and my skin doesn't feel stuffy anymore. Each application only requires several drops, but the bottle contains a fairly large quantity for a reasonable price (even more reasonable when it's on sale). I highly recommend it!

Troy, MI


A nice cool finish to your beauty routine


I recently purchased the Cucumber cleanser along with the Cucumber freshening water at the Body Shop. Both were on special and I love to try new products. I wasn't disappointed by either and found the freshening water like a nice cool splash of water that lingers and it made the pores on my face feel tighter. Cucumbers on the eyes have been used for years and that is one thing that attracted me to this product. Smells nice and clean too.

Avondale, PA


The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water

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