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The Best Life Diet

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Do not expect fast results with this diet.


If you are looking for a fast weight loss cure, this is not the diet for you. I was on this diet for the better part of eight months and in that time, I saw about twenty pounds of weight loss. This "diet" is more of a guideline for getting your life back on track to being healthy and good to your body. Phase 1 was the hardest for me when I was on this diet. It cuts out all alcohol, soda, and other foods that I crave on a daily basis. Soda is the hardest thing for me to give up and I struggled immensely with it. Even after the first four weeks, I still experienced cravings and I wanted to cheat. Exercise is a big part of this diet too. Basically, this diet is the way we should be eating and living our lives to stay healthy, but we do not because of the temptation to eat badly and just sit around. If I had more self control I think I would have done better on this diet. There was no one to hold my hand during this diet and I think that is why I failed so miserably in the long run.



The Best Life Diet

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