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Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments TI-85 Graphic Calculator

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Does the Job well!


When I got my TI-85, I was just entering my Pre-Calculus class in my sophomore year at high school. I played around with it for a while, just to get the feel of how it worked, because I got it from an older relative who was not going to be using it anymore. I used it for about 3 years before it had an unfortunate death, well technically it still works, you just can not see the answers because of a broken line right through the place where the answers are shown. But enough of how my calculator is at the moment, lets get to pros and cons. For me, it was very easy to figure out a lot of the basic functions of the calculator, being graphing, computing, fractions, decimals, but thats the easy stuff. Imputing numbers and symbols on the calculator was very easy, and I prefer the way that keyboard was set up compared to some of the calculators these days. The only Con I would have to say is that its old, and because of that, you can barely find it anymore nowadays.

Lewiston, ME


Rock solid engineering workhorse


I cannot possibly rave about this calculator enough.  I started using it in 1996 in highschool.  It was the perfect tool for algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and more.  Built in conversion factors for a plethora of units is helpful today as an engineering professional.  Programming is a snap for those willing to do a bit of manual reading.  The options are numerous, and let you control many aspects of the tool.  Precision, angular units, numerical output, all are really great tweaks that the user can make to get everything just how they want it.  Size is great, number pad layout, color coding, screen resolution, all excellent.  The sliding case/cover works well and is sturdy, so the screen won't get damaged easily.  Size is right in the hand, enough weight to feel substantial but not too heavy or bulky. I have been an engineer for nearly one decade, and this single calculator is the best tool I own for doing my job.

Denton, TX


Texas Instruments TI-85 Graphic Calculator

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