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2-Slice Toasters
Tefal 8746002 2-Slice Toaster

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Not impressed with this toaster


My husband and I received this toaster for our wedding a few years ago.  It still functions so we can't bring ourselves to spend money to buy a new one, but I am not impressed with this one.  The raise and lower feature gets stuck and is not a smooth lever.  I don't particularly like the appearance or style of it, not that a toaster is a major statement design piece, but it does sit out on our counter top 24/7 so it would be nice if it looked a little nicer.  I feel like the plastic looks cheap and the metal looks dull.  The heat adjustment isn't very accurate, but I suppose it gets the job done.  Once you find the setting you want the result is pretty accurate each time.  One good feature is that it's easy to clean out the toast crumbs, but they also tend to leak out the holes in the bottom and leave a mess on the counter.  Overall I would not recommend getting this toaster if you're in the market. 

Silverton, OR


T-fal toaster was a good investment


Last year, our toaster ceased working. I had always had my eye on this T-fal toaster in our local department store, but So, when we needed the new toaster I immediately went to the same department store where to my delight it was on sale. I loved the look of the T-fal and especially the wide slots, where you could put bagels, English muffins, and Texas toast. This toaster is used heavily in my home-sometimes twice a day, and it has always performed well. I really like the lever that allows you to raise the toast.. On my previous toaster, I had to dig into the toaster with a knife and pull out the bread. Also, my previous toaster did not allow me to place in such large slices of bread. It is also light weight. The only thing that I don't like about my T-fal is the cord. It is short. In regards to its toasting capabilities, we have never had a problem with it and the bread is always toasted nicely.  I highly recommend this toaster for small families.  

Pierpont, SD


toaster works wonders


The tefal 87460002 2 slice toaster is definitely one that is a winner in our household!  Who does not love a dependable toaster when you are looking for a quick breakfast in the morning.  The Tfal avante style toaster features two wide slots that do a great job of keeping bread toasted evenly and working quickly to get you out the door as quick as possible.  I am able to save my settings, so that I do not have to always adjust them in the morning, the bread just goes in on automatic.  I think the design and style of this toaster is great and it is definitely a toaster I do not mind leaving out on my counter because it always looks so stylish.  I have the one in black chrome and it has held up well over the past year and a half.  Tfal products have always held up well for me, I know they do cover a limited warranty over the first year, so that is good if you do run into problems.  NOthing bad to say about this product!

Beaufort, MO


pretty, convenient, still going strong


So this toaster has been around for a while.  It's black, with shiny parts too.  It is actually ascetically pleasing.  It sits next to the toaster oven next tot he wall.  It has a short cord so it's placement is in front of the outlet.  I don't know how much idle energy it consumes because we always unplug it when not in use.  It's also for safety reasons.  It has an emptying tray which is great so theres no burning smell when the crumbs accumulate.  Also, it is wide enough to accommodate Texas Toast which is bread sliced really thickly.  I've even warmed up scones in it and it worked! What's really cool about it is it has this button, so when the toast pops up but it just inst high enough to grab, the button raises it up about an inch more which makes it possible to grab the slice.  In fact I can't think of a time I haven't used the button.  Obviously it shows also that the toaster is deep in order to get a full toast on all sides including the top.

Brookline, MA


Tefal 8746002 2-Slice Toaster

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