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Targus 17-Inch CityGear Miami Messenger Laptop Case

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Holding all my gear with the Targus CityGear Messenger Bag


When I purchased my laptop, I knew I would need a bag for it.  The whole point in purchasing a laptop was for the portability.  Problem we had with that though, there weren't many choices available to hold a 17" laptop that were within our budget.  When I found the** Targus CityGear Miami Messenger bag** I knew it was the one I needed.This thing has options galore... so much so I'm not going to be able to cover them all in a review without getting boring - so I won't.  But here's the basic gist of the bag.  Made specifically for working on the go the Targus Messenger bag is the perfect size to hold a 17" laptop.  On top of that though, it will hold just about everything else you want too.  I have actually carried two laptops in it at the same time when we couldn't find the bag to my husbands machine.**Style with function - **The first thing that drew me to this bag is the look.  It is a messenger bag with a strap that goes over your shoulder.  The strap is nicely padded to help bare the weight.  It also features the flap closure to help protect the insides.  The entire design is sleek and professional looking in a nice black finish.  For those traveling on the go, the bag has a luggage strap on the back.**So what's in the bag - **First things first there are pockets like crazy on this bag.  Where are these pockets? One on the flap, one on the back and a plethora on the inside.  The main compartment has nice padding, reassuring you that your precious machine is safe.  Then there is another compartment for files and such.  The zip down workstation holds all your 'puter and work accessories in place as well.  I have primarily used this space for my little things as well as my power cord holder.  The topper, (that I didn't even know about till right now) is a hidden water bottle holder on the side of the bag.With my Targus bag, I know my laptop is safe while we travel.  The bag gets bulky once I have everything loaded in it, but I can put everything in one place and get on the go.  Everything is at my fingertips and it is stylish to boot.

Lansing, MI


Targus 17-inch citygear Mimi messanger Laptop great


Got a new, mini Targus 17-inch citygear messanger Laptop my other one was to big and old, and i had been looking to buy a new mini Laptop and so i did and now i'm happy. Because i followed my heart and i finally spent the money on something i can use on the go and at home and i.m so greatful  all i can say it was money well spent. I'm so loving my new product it's a product you can trust and love at the same time. I'm a pc user and i'm very practical i am a bussy wife and mom so this help's me with just about everything, So yes i am willing to pay for quality it may me small but that is ok Targus is a great computer you can believe in it's alot of fun and the cost was dirt cheap. Yes i'm liking my new product it's greatand the zipper's are fine light weight.

Boston, MA


Targus 17-inch Messenger Laptop Case is WONDERFUL


Most laptop cases are not worth anything but this one made by Targus is wonderful and very durable. It can withstand anything. I've had several laptop cases before and none of them have stood up to one made by Targus. Anything made by Targus is well made and is a quality product. This messenger case is very roomy, but isn't bulky as some can be. In addition to holding the laptop itself it can also carry textbooks and notebooks so that you only need to carry one thing. There is also an area that can fold out and will hold a 20 oz. bottle. Since it is small, but roomy, it is great as a carry on bag on an airplane. There are a few negatives about the product such as the fact that it isn't the lightest bag that you could get for a laptop but it is probably the most durable. The zippers are great and can withstand the tests of time. Not only is there room for books and notebooks but also other things needed (cords, mouse, etc.) and room for CDs and DVDs.

Oklahoma City, OK


Targus 17-Inch CityGear Miami Messenger Laptop Case

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