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TIGI Bed Head Make-up Marker Eyeliner

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I Rate this item below average because of it's content.


The item that I have described and subscribed is very unique; like myself. It has came to my attention to explain the brilliance that I have towards this item. I think this item can be used in drug stores but not only in drug stores but in pharmacy stores also because it can heal your skin magically. The down-fall of this product is because it iritates my skin. It gives me a big and low-down dirty rash that smells bad. The odor is what can bring you to taking peels and over-dosing. It's just horrible but I think you people can improvise. I am a 15 year old girl that is typing this letter and I am here to make humor jokes to you people to laugh. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't but please try to make this item good for the sake of other people around the world. Of every race including: Japanese, Chinese, and Indian. The item really needs a perspective from someone like me, I want to persue myself as an actress when I grow up and want to sing but is this item helping me persue my dream career? No! So please contact me if you know a way for me to get famous. I think you'll understand 'cause I really want to be famous when I grow up. Thank you, Jerneen Askew

Colerain, NC


TIGI Bed Head Make-up Marker Eyeliner

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